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Territory Wars 3



Hi would love to start territory wars again not sure if it would be individual or clan-based. Can make a map in google drawing or photoshop. Could make a turn/day system. Maybe some custom rules eg: Mercenary armies and conscripts. Conscript armies decrease income of a province for a certain number of turns/days. Mercenary armies cost money to purchase and are more elite. Just outlining it pls make some suggestions done some research on previous territory wars and would love to get it started again!


Just make a map man that would be lit


will do, how many provinces?


Do we do whole clan or do we split up in groups of 3 and the players that arent in clan can be by themselves


K. Lets average 5 provinces per team. 30 provinces?




The only territory I seek to claim is up inside my enemy’s ass where my boot would go, sir


Good to know. Let me write that down… (ass province)


Clan based


But people in clans can rebel


And fight own clan


Call my country Velerium


I call Westeros


I’m not making a GOT map


Just saying add a lil bit of land at the west edge of map, with further land behind edge of map but cut off by map edge, label it Westeros that can be my bit


And that lil bit can be surrounded by sea with sea lanes to and from, but no defensive bonus from sea tho cos then it’ll be unfair.


K sorry haven’t had much time to work on it so far.


The Map So Far… Going for a sort of Fantasy theme.


Players name their own territories/provinces. Adds a sort of personalisation.


Lit man