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Territory wars AD

How to play
Joining is simple just see me on the battlefield and ask, or post here, where you wanna be placed by specific name of location.

This is a general territory map, you can play however you want, by making up rules you play by, or play by the roll of dice like me.

  1. You can post a victory screenshot (general alive) and receive a plunder roll of 15 dice dictating the amount of plunder you receive. Also receive a complimentary roll in the rewards category a list of ten that get you resources, gold, or unit upgrade that you can use when I set up matches.

2.Or if you wish to earn your territory just post a screenshot of a victory with the general alive. Win a hexagon of that territory if you wish to go the earn route.

3.A screenshot of a map player can get you one of 3 resources tower, field, or provision barracks.1 per victory.

4.A 5 stage battle can get you full territory and resources. Ask for details

Only rule/You can only conquer occupied territory if you have faught the owner and have a victory shot with general alive.

If a player seeks your territories and your inactive every message he sends and gets no reply will cost a state a day

There will also be monthly tournaments you can sign up for, these will be custom matches, it will be filmed and put on YouTube.

@Grayrider64 @MTF_NineTailedFox
@GeneralKhan @Gabriel

@ilias @Grayrider64 your avatars were added or transferred to this map.

I will start @crini is on so I will use this to move my army North to Pisae and will use the 4 battle system my Royal guard will consist of 5cav 5 range 5 inf

I played and lost in the 3rd battle I sent my gen to a senseless attack on my part, on a small contingent of calv and there my general fell ending that invasion here is how it went 1st battle I lost but had my gen till end

2nd range here I won
the third match I lost my gen I moved in these steps, I tried to draw his calv near wall to route them faster. A Melee Brooke out and somehow my gen ended deep in the Melee in the center or the enemy line and fell ending the invasion. I will gather my forces and attempt again

I played

my legions are mobilizing back to Pisae

At 9pm mst

Got it video coming soon I will upgrade to a 3 spear men video coming soon. I have finally succeeded and pushed to Pisae and conquerd now I look further North

The way units upgrade is threw a chain of types. For infantry it’s sword, spear then naginata spear then elite sword etc. For range its matchlock, Archer then elite match, Archer then cannon.
For calv it’s spear, sword, naginata spear, then range and cannon

my men can rest now. I will continue my conquest tomorrow at 9pm mst

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king Centurion and his chiefs royal guards stand beside him. He awards his infantry with 3 spear unit that will assist in the battle of Guinea. So ready your armor sharpen your blades and Spears, ready yourself for battle. We will deploy at 9pm mst to the borders of Guinea

Since the forum is so dead, I’ve made other avatar. These are representing the linguistic groups you see named at the bottom left of map. All my losses I play threw out my day. I will draw cards by random the avatars are numbered 1 threw 6. The 1st card I draw will decide which group moves. I will draw another card which will decide the direction each direction wich will be numbered 1threw 4 the difference is these don’t get any resources. There to record my losses. Also anyone facing me, that wants to represent them in a match is more then welcome to

I drew a 4 and the sarmatae have began there march. By the draw of the card, East Antes they went and have plunder all they came across and inslaved many selling them to the slave traders that follows there army. They swell there ranks with mercenaries.

my loss

Didn’t get screenshots but had a loss, a huge battle many units. The Germanic tribes in the north by a draw of 2&2 the Germanic tribes marched and claimed Suiones.

Another draw of a 2and a 10 which=2 that Germanic tribes invade the island to the east

The king shafa invades the west and conquers Palmyra and by the draw of the card of 4 moves West he has Antiochia in his grips. He defeated me twice in a regular match game. Which has forced me to have to play regular to assert my authority and dominance, to quench these revolts. The threat coming from the east to the furthest reaches of the earth

Centurion must have hit the numbers and has become economicly independent!