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The 9 year olds council aka cancer


Hello everyone and welcome, join my clan, this clan has the finest ligma in the world, and cnanot be found anywhere else. If you are looking for some noob leader to earn free gold with, say no more, I can fulfill all your destinies, just join this clan.
3 main rules


  2. No people over the age of 10 are allowed in

  3. yu’or whomst’dve

  4. Be nice to all of our clan mates and respect them

  5. Stay active

  6. All must have username related to :crab:


One extra rule, this is a clan for new members, no people that have more than 20min read time can join, otherwise, I will use the holy yam of ligma to send him to damnation.

This clan looks for members that rush the enemy with everyything they have, are willing to seize the means of production, and have the power of god and animr on their side.


Weird bro 9yr old’s and cancer wtf


It’s my clan, and I want people to join. It’s not like everyone that plays are as old as norrmac.


But 9 are you 9 if you are then sorry, dont expect anyone that young playing this complex game and whats the cancer about?


Cancer: From Proto-Italic *kankros, dissimilation of Proto-Italic *karkros (“enclosure”) (because the pincers of a crab form a circle), from Proto-Indo-European *kr-kr- (“circular”), reduplication of Proto-Indo-European *(s)ker- (“to turn, bend”) in the sense of “enclosure”. Cognate with Latin carcer and curvus.


Cancer is my zodiac symbol
You know, mr krabs


Expect the unexpected
n o b o d y e x p e c t s s p a n i s h i n q u i s i t i o n


I’ve seen so many young people out there, all talented. It’s a new generation, children born now have the highest education standards we could’ve ever gotten so far, and nothing’s wrong with being young, I play well, and that’s all I need to be on this game.


Trust me, there are a lot of players, and many could be vey young, them not being revealed does not mean they don’t exist. One day when this game becomes popular there will be plenty.


Oh ok cancer i get it sorry, I’ve met some strange personalities although few and far inbetween every now and then there some people who are a little wierd if you get my meaning your title just threw me off lol your mom big gay stuff took me to precieve the worst


Yes, do perceive the worst, this could be nice strategy to get attention because that’s what we’re all into these days…


Da fuck




Gonna be really hard building a clan like that with those kinda specifics :man_shrugging:t2::cold_face:


Haha gave up long time ago