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The Alliance Bank


I’m going to need to see your name dude. Notice how TinyWire9 and I clearly show the name in the screenshot.


Can’t u see my name cuz I can


Top right corner


I’m not seeing it. Looks cut off to me. How are you taking those?


I just create a link and paste it


Deposit number 2


I’m opening a savings account and cashing in these 12 victories for 4 booms.


They all look like from the same battle


If you enlarge them you will see that the opponents are different. Would you like to open an account? You have a bounty.


I looked at all of them and they have different people involved in every battle or are on different sides. So my word is that they are all legitimate.


Alright my bad I choose Not to mess with the bank even tho I have lots of victories of screenshots


Good idea cuz I don’t want to get a boiunty on my head​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Haha oh come on


Oh god I remember when clans and other forum topics were so simple


Lol, this isn’t related to clan tho… I don’t think


Hey whats up i havent been on in a year how has the bank been


@Noremac really? I have the most booms???