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The Asskicking Clan



Attention, everyone! This is The Asskicker speaking. I am looking to start a clan. My clan will be dedicated to the art of kicking ass. If you wish to kick the enemy’s ass with me, respond to this thread, and we will get that clan started straightaway. I am looking for someone who can lead or follow. An army needs a leader. Be prepared to follow orders, or maybe give the orders if you are a first class asskicker! But if you cannot lead or at least follow, then I am afraid there will be no place for you in the Asskicking clan, and you will have to simply get out of the way. So who’s with me? I am ready to commence kicking ass with my new clan members at this time. That is all.


The Asskicker


General Asskicker at your service :muscle::facepunch::eyes:


Or should I be a Colonal :thinking:


Sir you can be whatever your skill warrants. I am willing to follow a great asskicker, and I am willing to lead an asskicking army as well. The Asskicking Clan will be a meritocracy. Whoever the most kickass general is, let him lead, while others follow.


Colonal it is. Will we be adding tags to represent our clan Sir?


I don’t think so sir. I do not believe we will need any tags. I think our enemies will know us by the way we kick their asses. I’m trying to remember who my favorite asskickers are. I really like General Kush - you know, Magic Kush King - but I haven’t seen him in a while. There’s also this one dude, with a soccer ball for his icon, but I completely forgot his name, and I was kicking a LOT of ass with him recently. He was a terrific follower. Kush was more of a leader. You can lead or you can follow - either one is fine with me - but if you can’t do either then you need to get out of the way!


I wish I could remember the name of that guy I was kicking ass with earlier. He was one of the finest asskickers I have encountered heretofore. There are some enemies we will have to look out for though especially fireweaver. He kicked my ass along w that other guy I was talking about, recently. We will need to do some training to make sure we can kick all of our enemies asses. I will be ready to begin training just as soon as we get the right number of asses on our crew.


And I am able to host matches sir so we will all be able to fight together even if there are a bunch of us


I’m ready to start kicking our enemies’ asses soon. I won’t be satisfied until I have kicked every one of their asses again and again and again.


I have the ability to lead and follow. Whatever the situation requires in order to hand out a good ass kicking. I’ve signed up for tournaments and would love to represent the clan in these events. I look forward to handing out many, many asskickings :muscle:


That’s the spirit, trooper! We tried to kick ass together a couple nights ago. Let’s give it another go soon, shall we?


Only lost once in my 3 months of playing… So tell me what rank I shall get


You can all be generals sir but just keep in mind that a true soldier no matter what his rank may be follows the orders of the officers appointed over him if applicable


I am up with chu


how do i join


Can i join


You can ask for one


If you’re a good fighter why nof


I am here. My username is Joshua


How do i join