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The Asskicking Clan


Asskicker. Im sure you probably don’t know me. But weve battled before. And you kicked my ass. I want to join you’re clan. Please teach me your ass kicking ways.and I promise someday I will kick your ass. But for now. I would like you too let into the great asskicking clan!


I have made a seperate clan. And when the time is right we will beat you and forever hold the fact that the asskicker clan was no match for the brotherhood


FRYDCHYKEN for attempting to subvert the control of the Celestial Emperor, I am sentencing you to banishment until further notice, which will never come.

Crime: Subverting the heavenly control of the emperor by joining the “Asskicking Clan”

Punishment: Banishment


I didn’t plan to betray you my lord. I have not read the rules yet can give me another chance I beg for your mercy


You know im in bruh


Amen brotha lets kick some more asses together real soon


We will kick your ass when the clan is fully formed I am looking for a few more good asskickers at this time mainly players I have kicked ass with before I just can’t remember a few of their names. That is all.


No. For attempting to subvert me, and then offering this feeble and disappointing excuse, you are banished indefinitely.


Fireweaver!!! :grin:


I would have taught you if you had been loyal, trooper.


General Fireweaver is a great kicker of the ass sir


You will have your chance. Am I not merciful?


I need a few more asses for the Clan. So far it’s me, General Pony, and General Chykn. In order to present a united front against the enemy, I want us to have a boot or at least a shoe in all of our names. General Chykn why don’t u change ur name to The Hard Ass son? General Pony, you have whooped a lot of us in ur battles, maybe The Whoopin Man will be a good nom de guerre for you. I need two more asses. I will take the best asses I can get, but be prepared to put a boot in your name and adopt an asskicking Nom de guerre though or I will continue my search for the right asskickers who are willing to lead, follow, or get out of the way!


I need a good boot icon to put in our name. All I have found so far is this lousy shoe but we could kick our enemy’s asses in pretty much any type of footwear even sandals I am sure


Asskicker. Message me. I will be on tomorrow


I will change my name when I re earn my rank sir


Iwant to join with you


Asskicker!!! See you can snag my icon.


I think the soccer ball was puzzling ghost


It would be a pleasure to be in you clan