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The Asskicking Clan


It’s important to have a firm foundation in the great asskickings in world history personally I have studied Robert E. Lee the most out of any general


Technically Lee got his ass kicked in the end but like I always say every great Asskicker has gotten their ass kicked at some point it’s how you deal with the asskicking that makes or breaks your ass


When I was in Afghanistan we were pretty much always getting our asses kicked


I will battle you I have studied Alexander the Great


Alexander was cool I will be ready to battle later ongotta go do stuff right now


Ok do you have discord


Yeah I’ve chatted on the samurai wars discord before I will check back in so we can plan some asskickings


I can set up custom battles too I will make some maps and stuff


Oh cool


Still kicking ass.


Never shall I fail to make every effort to kick my enemy’s ass.


Are you returning Dragon


Is this clan open again?


Currently I stand alone although me and General Saxon are both part of an Asskicking Coalition since we have an alliance


The thing is he’s from Great Britain so he isn’t usually on the same hours as most people


But he is part of my clan lol


:shinto_shrine: RED :eye: EYE CLAN :shinto_shrine: @WaitinNBatin4U69 :hole: :coffin:




Sir every great Asskicker gets his ass kicked we all know that


Way to kick my ass General


Hey General Asskicker say how would i join this Asskicking Clan?