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The awkward aspects of the multi selection

I decided to screen record this it only records vertically though( to show some downsides for pointers. You can’t turn the formation around, it only turns the units, but not the formation. In result, you have to do the nightmarish approach of individually picking a dozen units one at a time, plus always pressing “run” as “walk” is useless in these situations, so it’s a hassle. And this results it a logistical nightmare of a clumsy army.
If a multi selection were to turn a whole formation it be as simple as stretching a rubber band and turn it, similar to this:

Its very easy to turn a whole formation around, but I guess you need to play some more, learn and figure out a few things!

No it isn’t. Not when you have to turn a dozen units ‘one by one’ plus the hassle of pressing the run button cause the walk button turns back on(which is not something everyone wants to do in the heat of battle) even the video shows how hard it would for anyone to do.
Total war does its selection miles better way more inspired in comparison.
If there was a lock for the run button maybe, but here you have to worry about doing TWO things at once.

Here you have to think fast, act fast, move fast…its eye to hand micro skills

And…yes it is!

Well now you’re lucky at this point that at least in the OIS Samurai wars selection system is at least more simple than the IPhone version of total war, who removes the lasso selection compared their pc versions.