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The Balkan Wars


Along the coat of the Adriatic Sea there are many cities, forest, and island. Inland to the east many resources, from gold to fish to oil, can be found. Perhaps it is the wealth and beauty of this land that makes it a site of contention. Now, there are three groups that vie for dominance of the Balkan states. General Noremac succeeded in a coup to take all of Serbia and the Dalmatian coast under his control. Due to the instability caused by war, Kosovo and Croatia invaded Serbia. Out maneuvered and defeated Noremac retreated his army to the city of Split. There he awaited reenforcements from his alliance and brokered a treaty with El-Duderino, leader of the Crotian armies. General Danesoto of Kosovo found the odds tipped against him, for now.

Meanwhile, Alexander the Great was very secure in his hold upon Macedonia and Rome. His clan had holdings on the Dalmatian coast that were relatively unharrased by the war. But the Roman commander was not the only wild card in the dominance of the Balkan states. In the uproar of the war Nox of the red eye clan was very vocal that he was the best general in the land. Though he is yet to make a move…

Various other warriors have made an appearance in battle. Chikacrni held Bulgaria and the clan of the Warrior Beast allied with Noremac’s Reconnaissance Force. The evidence of this tale can be divulged from the forum of which it was forged.

The war is far from over. Many other generals are fighting their own wars in distance lands. Should their attention turn to this thread of combat, know that their comments serve as consent to enter the fray.


beautiful romance indeed, Balkanic wars are far from over ; all hail!!! The El DuderinoxNoremac alliance shall prevail


Lol, looks like i’m doomed, hope the odds are with me


How typical of the serbs to start another Balkan war…will there be ethnic cleansing this time?


You had best look for other allies.


:confused: I have definitely felt some guilt about emulating the Yugoslav wars. Though I enjoy war games I dislike actual violence. But wars happen all around the world and all participants are doomed to some sort of torment. Let us fight it out in video games while remembering the bloody history of humanity. Perhaps we will learn the errors of our ways.

You may come here with whatever opinion you like, the real talk will come in Samurai Wars. I will see you on the Battlefield, commander of Bulgeria.


Dont feel guilt pls…am fucking with you! And its not Bulgeria its Bulgaria jebem ti dušu srpsku!


Hehe. I’m just messing with you as well. Don’t take anything I say seriously.


I will aid you in your conquest Danesoto its not over we will join forces


the advanced recon force will not let you capture a single territory we will crush you and wipe you off the face of earth


together with our allies the roman republic we will succeed


But he is TRR he should be in alliance


Thanks Centurion


And the Ottoman Empire Joins the game