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The Battle Begins


The battle of japan : oda forces push up to northern front to fight in Anegawa first battle for oda nobunaga(one of three unifyers)
Historical outcome:oda takes heavy casualties in the battle over Anegawa
Permission status: you will have to pm me cuase im not sure what he wants to do yet


Who is your leader I want to battle him just him


Well his name is nobunaga but when hea on ill tell him you asked for him


So are you gonna be participating?




Ok im on


I have never seen you


Dullard erect your leader is just you on a nother account


No thats my little brother so now im offened a little


My name is thomas this is my little brother Nick


Yea im his little brother


Ohh and its duplar effect btw


Oh my name is James how old are you guys


Well i am 16 and my brother he is 18 but he doesnt like alot of people so you jave to approach him with calmness and reapect cuase he is a hot head


Oh im 16


And my bro is 30 but he doesnt play the game thinking about it I havent even told him




Obunga lmao


Nobunaga and what is so funny?


Lets see you guys play each other although you guys maybe brothers EVERYONE has a unique playing style that can be seen