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The best players Ive beat


!(upload://2V0zECuwsOgW5bC0tjWZOyv9VbF.jpg) those are the best players ive beaten the best of those is cent then No mas then metal


Lol you won those cause i was training u and u diverted from training even though you were saying ok. Centurion the old hates u lol real life me is cool wit u this is all just games to me no matter wht i say there will be some day a Centurion that talks shit but no hard feelings lol have fun commanders ima stay true to Centurion avaters


Sup wana do a match last two I beat you you saide it yourself


I said ur getting better but it was still training. You diverted from training wich at first i thought maybe your not seeing text. The second time i still thought that till u replyed about somthing then i knew u were playing deceptive so i wouldnt call them wins im gonna conquer all your land for this insult.:angry::blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any1 battling. Me will get a screenshot taken from n now on if ur on territory map


Ok cent I exept that we were training so it wosnt real victory


U never battle, only talk shit on the forum and say, “sup” in the game chat! U cant take a loss so u have stood still and now are a low level player! Once u even asked me if u were top 5, u more like top 50 now! Thats the truth kid…