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The Centurion war

Watch my tail unfold, and some amateur film editing stuff, to bring to you my artistic simulation of a soldier life.
I will use all past maps games etc I’ve started in the past to draw recruits/enemies from. It will all seem confusing but just watch video and read to understand.
This story starts with the invasion of Ukraine. A soldier named Centurion. Who’s grand father’s of old faught in the territory wars of old and gained a vast empires. Centurion who is said to be descendents of the 1st centurion, who which all 1st born sons are given this name amongst the family and their descendents. Though are beloved Rome has been occupied. Centurion’s orders are to invade the north east in occupation.

My invasion of modern Ukraine.
Here is my conquaring of Bastarna

This is the 1st conquered territory Hubnyk.