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The Date Clan of Mutsu Province is Recruiting


The Date. A clan of honourable samurai of the province of Mutsu
(pictured below)
is recruiting samurai in the fight to become shogun.

Daimyo : Imperator

General : Recruiting

Retainers :

  1. Shinzu
  2. Ian
  3. Lodius
  4. Recruiting
  5. Recruiting

Samurai :

  1. Recruiting
  2. Recruiting
  3. Recruiting
  4. Recruiting
  5. Recruiting
  6. Recruiting
  7. Recruiting
  8. Recruiting
  9. Recruiting
  10. Recruiting

Ashigaru :


Allies :

Client States/Vassals :

At War : ARF

Trading :


Caven you left the roman republic


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Why didn’t you Wana be in the clan no more

because gotta fit with the theme of the game

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Welcome, i have factions from the stretches of the earth i comfrom the sea to conquer and defeat any game challenge or tournament or any game you make. Looking foward to seeing your clan on the battlefield

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Greetings foreigner,
Normally I would ask for trade and establish diplomatic relations,but seeing your aggressive manner, has made me destroy all such thoughts, Bishamonten will be with us and you’ll join your ancestors.
May death grant you mercy
Daimyo of the Date

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Imperator wana make a treaty clans

Dear Honourable Guest,
I appreciate your offer of a treaty in the form of an alliance, however, I’m more interested in trade.
Tell me what you have to offer and I might consider
Daimyo of the Date

What is there to trade what if we make like mony so like if we want to recrut soldiers frome eachother we can buy them and I give you my aligiance

You want to be my vassal?
This means you cannot declare war on anyone, you must obey to the Date and pay a monthly tribute

No allymy clan is formed your isnt but I am allying myself to the active clans

The money thing would be cool but what if they dont want to change clans what will the money then buy?? My current territory game can be incorperated into this if you want a war based territory theme type thing. rules and things can be used to merge bot but only if it makes sence

I can give japan in my territory game to you and your clan to act as a territory for you and your can to defend

Just mutsu province

Didn’t see that on map but will put ur clan in japan

Or what exactly do you plan on doing trading or something ???


Im suggesting an economy system
Each province will have a resource that are

  1. Horses $5
  2. Coal $1
  3. Marble/Granite $15
  4. Iron $10
  5. Gold $25
    U can use RNG (click for link) to assign the resources
    Everyday you gain one of the resources
    For example
    I am trading with you
    You have iron, i have wood
    I would then gain +1 iron and +1 wood
    Each player has 3 armies at the start
    Each defeat will cause him to lose 1 army
    Armies can be recruited with $1000
    For each province, you gain $10 in taxation
    But for every army after your 3rd, you -1 province worth of taxation
    For example i have 4 armies and 2 provinces
    As i have 1 amry over the limit, i only can collect $10

I also suggest a less cluttered map

Something like this and u can draw in borders and add the heraldy