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The Date Clan of Mutsu Province is Recruiting



Wow nvm this is all too complicated for my taste but sounds interesting if you get it rolling good luck man




Greetins To The Date Clan Of Mutsu Province
I would like to test my skills and fight for that Date Clan
I would accept any role if approved


So guys Wana make an alliance with. Thd Roman Republic


Hay @Cavan2605 you should add. D.C.M.P infront of your name so we know your clan.


Nah anyone who joins the clan must leave a msg here, i’ll accept and you must change your profile picture to the Date Clan’s mon which is my profile picture


I have done what you have said my Emperor


Thanks, ur now a retainer


I Beat Someone in the fooly clan


Nice one, ill add it to the territory bank


Wish to join ur clan


I would let you but its Emperator Cavans decision




Done. Now change your profile picture to the Date’s clan mon ( the sigil/heraldry)


Once Ian has joined your clan control his cusing to other players addiction


Hi i wish to join your mighty clan in honour of our great ancesters
i have already changed my profile picture


I have defeated Metal from The House Of Soldiers Clan




Notice the please don’t run. I had nearly as much range as him and around 5 units of melee extra, but he was running and I didn’t have time to chase him.


But you quiand played another game so you did have time