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The Date Clan of Mutsu Province is Recruiting



you should go for a visit there to see your new home @Cavan2605
once you fight us you will live there


oh just saying one little sentence

just that was enough to outrage @Cavan2605

haha fool YOU WILL DIE NOW


The Date Has Lasted for 828 Years, It Will Not Fall So Easily


you could have said 2,461,000,000 or something even better


And Rome will answere


Rome lasted 1000 lol


it will fall quicker than you think


as we speak about 4,589,356,841 heavily armed and trained men are setting up a siege, catapults will rain fire at your cities, your country will be crushed and your resistance will crumble under the great might of the ARF and its allies
(numbers were selected randomly)


The Date is a real clan and they survived through the sengoku jidai, the meji restoration, ww1, sino japanese war, ww2 till today



credit google images


How can I join,
I’m a good defensive player but not that well with offense


You want to be crushed??? Hahaha


Oh, @Generalhermreck and you should learn how to attack/offence wanna try practicing with me???


My friends I would like a establish a alliance or trade agreement with your honorable clan.


How to join can i join


Can i join the clan my emperor


given that the last post by him based around this clan in this page was april 25th, i dont think he’ll respond for a bit


Ok thnx so which clan shoul i join now


no clue, i’m in two clans. Advanced Recon Force and Blood Lotus Clan


So how to join