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The greatest conquest of all time


no its half on half


you can be Taro Kentaro just say which territory you want and color


i gave you a territory and color if you want i can change it


I’m willing to fight to the death. I’ll take the territory above Bob.


@Noremac please choose a number between 1 to 4


Hey flick missle if this dont work out insted of starting a new map maybe u can help update territory map we can be co-creaters u can implement rules u like in it if suitable. we can help each other so updating isnt so long im updating as we speak tonight or tommorow morning map will be out if not its cool but it would make it easier incase u decide not to play anymore your map wont just be another dead game. That way the territory map grows and functions fast i would update more often but i got alote of realife stuff etc. That slowes the process of updating but a team will be faster and we can all brain storm to add to game such as currency my object with territory game. is to make it easy simple and fun to play simple to update but also has depth in stratigy. Im thinking of adding castles but still in brain storming process

Looking 4 a story writer

how will we all know what to do how do i know what you updated and just saying i dont understand how your thing works its a complicated map and long instructions wich is why i made this simple and easy but yeah i willing to help you


Ya it has long instructions i just try to cover everthing people constatantly asked about or issues that poped up during its infancy but its as simple as looking at the map, finding a spacific area observe who is in that area, issue a challenge to a spacific owner of that territory by posting for example, i challege centurion for roma or if u see me in lobby and defeat me post a screen with roma over it on next update u will get my territory


Yeah but the map is a bit messy as opposed to mine


Ok red bubbles are current movements purple lines are previos movements and red are all past movements i will work to clean up map make it less blurry and eisier to understand. In territory bank under the map is a narritive of all current update movements wich help to understand were people went i use the destination players request to conquer to make narritive or will post to nearest territory of opponant they beat if they left no spacific destination. this is what i will have u help in if you want if your enthusiastic on helping i will give u more detailes but to cut this short i will wait 4 ur reponse


And what about that???


@Noremac you can choose any number but this team was assigned these numbers


Try to keep to these honorable guidelines that @bob_the_shogun said but of course if you just can’t lose this conquest then feel free to run away with your 1 archer cav and shoot all his infantry (because you killed his cav right away to be able to run with yours)
Thanx :smiley::smiley::smiley:




there you go


I wondered where those came from.


Tell me what you think of something like this

action -cost +cost =gain

Planting a forast -20 water +30 :dollar: =1 wood per day
Chopping down a forest -50 :dollar: =onetime supply of 10 wood
Digging an iron mine -20 wood +20 :dollar: =1 iron per day
destroying a mine -20 :dollar: =onetime supply of 15 wood
Getting :dollar: -5 :dollar: per unit alive after battle
Getting water -controlling a territory touching water =1 water per day (each side gives you 1so if you control both sides you get 2)
Getting a cannon -20 wood +30 iron +50 :dollar: =can attack up to five tiles on the grid
Building a bridge -20 wood +10 iron +25 :dollar: =could go over deep water
Breaking bridge -50 :dollar: +control over both sides of the bridge =onetime supply of 15 wood
Building fort -25 wood +30 iron +50 :dollar: =needs to be attacked 3 times before conquered

-1 win = 1 tile
-you could only attack a tile next to you (except if you use a cannon)
-each participant will get a color
-each clan will get a color (not every member will have a color only the clan as a whole)
-you need to respond within 3 days of a challenge
-if you know you won’t be able to respond within a few days you can hire a merc to do the job for you
-you can exchange recourses
-you need to state before a battle if you are using a cannon
-if you lose while using a cannon the cannon is destroyed

feel free to add your suggestions


I’ll play this. I like the simplicity.


great the start posting victory’s

problem is i wont be active enough to keep on updating the next few weeks so ill need someone to volunteer its easy just open with PAINT image
select PAINT BUCKET image
select a COLOR image
and fill in 1 box in the grid (if you need more colors you can click edit colors and you will get this image
and of course if you cant find one of the colors you already have just click the color picker image


hello guys have you seen ieyasu…
i will challenge him to war