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The greatest conquest of all time


Tell me what you think of something like this

action -cost +cost =gain

Planting a forast -20 water +30 :dollar: =1 wood per day
Chopping down a forest -50 :dollar: =onetime supply of 10 wood
Digging an iron mine -20 wood +20 :dollar: =1 iron per day
destroying a mine -20 :dollar: =onetime supply of 15 wood
Getting :dollar: -5 :dollar: per unit alive after battle
Getting water -controlling a territory touching water =1 water per day (each side gives you 1so if you control both sides you get 2)
Getting a cannon -20 wood +30 iron +50 :dollar: =can attack up to five tiles on the grid
Building a bridge -20 wood +10 iron +25 :dollar: =could go over deep water
Breaking bridge -50 :dollar: +control over both sides of the bridge =onetime supply of 15 wood
Building fort -25 wood +30 iron +50 :dollar: =needs to be attacked 3 times before conquered

-1 win = 1 tile
-you could only attack a tile next to you (except if you use a cannon)
-each participant will get a color
-each clan will get a color (not every member will have a color only the clan as a whole)
-you need to respond within 3 days of a challenge
-if you know you won’t be able to respond within a few days you can hire a merc to do the job for you
-you can exchange recourses
-you need to state before a battle if you are using a cannon
-if you lose while using a cannon the cannon is destroyed

feel free to add your suggestions


I’ll play this. I like the simplicity.


great the start posting victory’s

problem is i wont be active enough to keep on updating the next few weeks so ill need someone to volunteer its easy just open with PAINT image
select PAINT BUCKET image
select a COLOR image
and fill in 1 box in the grid (if you need more colors you can click edit colors and you will get this image
and of course if you cant find one of the colors you already have just click the color picker image


hello guys have you seen ieyasu…
i will challenge him to war


The most appealing thing about this game was that someone else was going to run it…


would gladly bu ti am not that active you know


i might try and revive this idea
first ill see if i can get more active
anyone interested please reply


I’ll partake


i am still not really around but if i will have time i will try to give it another shot


hey is there space for me to join this if it goes well