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The Hamoi Tong [Mercenaries]


We are a mercenary group that will work for anyone with a penny to their name.


Oh it’s lucifer…remember me?


I’ll give 10 gold under my name to give To you as a gift


Hi Slayer, I do remember you I was moving house which is why I haven’t been on for so long. I have the name Tarquin now as well as Lucifer just so you know.


Are you the one who is named Tarquin_H ?


I want to hire a mercenary


How much gold would that be?


Depends on the target.
It could be a minor lord, powerful lord even a clan.


No, I changed it to Hamoi Tong-Tarquin


I will give you one million to hire you to battle me so I can kill you over and over and over again! For a year! Kind of like when boxers hire sparringpartners.


I hire you against Mroz and Charles


приятелю, ще ми помогнеш ли срещу mroz и charlesприятелю, ще ми помогнеш ли срещу mroz и charles