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The invincibility glitch

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I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the invincibility glitch, and this time I think I have finally found and fixed it. A server patch has been deployed, but it needs some testing to be sure. Networking is complex and there might be several causes for this kind of glitch.

So please help me out testing and verifying this by reporting any networking glitches in the forums. If you see a glitch, it would be very helpful to know when it occurred (approximate time since start of match), the number of players participating and if they were still joined in the match (as indicated by the green/red/gray circle).

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thank you for taking care of that

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It seems that the fix for invincibility may have introduced another glitch making units uncontrollable. I will continue working on finding and fixing all those network related glitches. Your feedback and bug reports are very helpful. If you see a glitch, please report here and try to describe how many players were participating, their online status (red/green/gray) and how and when the glitch occurred. Also you can briefly try to leave and rejoin the match and see if that resolves the glitch.

Could you please elaborate what you have changed with the new beta as I have played for 15 mins and everything seems the same?

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