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The lag in the games


When you start a game there is a lot of lag, when you give orders to the troops they do not react properly or they just do not move


What version are you using? It’s the number in the lower left corner of the screen




I just released a new build attempting to fix networking issues. Do you know if there is more lag now than before? Have you played more than one opponent and did you notice any difference in lag?


I dont have the new build yet but I think I am experiencing a severe network lag at times! It might partially be due to a slightly worse broadband than I usually have! The ingame chat is constantly lagging and if I open the chat write something and close it its basicly standing still! I noticed that if I quickly exit the game and reenter its starts going smoothly again! So earlier issue of not being able to reenter a game is gone! But as I said am still on the 181021…


Ah, you’re using TestFlight, check again, 181024.1558 should be available now.

Build 181021.2021 already has the same networking adjustment.


Should be fixed, or at least improved, in the 181027.2036 build


It is still very laggy…I dont know, I have a nice scandinavian broadband! They just changed my router to an improved one


Ok, I’ll wait a few days until most of the players have updated to the latest version and I’ll do more testing


could it be that my ipad 4 screen is outdated, when I press the run button I can see it react, kind of flicker, then it doesnt respond…never the first time! Makes it really hard to be effective in the heat of battle…my iphone 6 reacts way netter, but…its a phone


wish I could post movie recordings


maybe the operative system on the ipad is just not being able to support…


Probably cause on my tablet it kind of does this skipping thing the whole game


Not improving :frowning:


I would appreciate if ppl didnt write to me on the ingame chat, just opening the chat makes the lagg unbearable and one has to exit n enter game just to write one word! So I am in no position of answering! Knowing how some ppl’s minds work Im sure I will keep getting messages from some…I wont be able to answer!


Seems to only get worse when two players have fast active troop movement, which makes it all the more irritating as its the worst…when you need it the least!


Well they did catch apple sabotaging old units so ppl are forced to buy new ones…This ipad4 is too slow, dont think its the game! Just tryed on a newer phone n I could play smoothly text and everything…unplayable due to size though! This shit sucks…So Felix I dont think the problem is network bugs


ok, yes, while there’s room for performance optimizations, older devices will have harder and harder time to keep up. Chat input is using the iOS web component, and that one is notably slow on old devices.