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The lag is killing me


Players units jump back and forth , my units don’t get orders , archers firing slower than normal.

Normally I have to reset my game to be able to join a game after the first round. If I do get in one it runs at about 2 FPS

It’s hard to play a game you like when it doesn’t function correctly. Any idea on how to fix


I consider that the fog of war all Generals have always had to deal with it so man up


Do you have a solution for it?


Get a different internet source or maybe it’s your device


I’ve added some server monitoring, and I can see that there are abnormal spikes of packet loss. I don’t know yet when and why this happens, and I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem locally. But there could be a buffer overflow is something similar in the networking code. I’ll put focus on investigating and trying to fix this asap.



this happened to my opponent, no-mas/chikrani. he thinks it was my fault he kept losing to me because apparently he had a good connection but my slow wifi was lagging him out, and that was why i won. he is very angry about this. i wasn’t too sure, but perhaps this has been the cause of the invincibilty issues we have been having recently(if they do exist. still not sure). good to see if there actually was a problem/glitch it wasn’t my fault.


p.s. good to see centurion active