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The lobby, a thread about it

It still amazes me, more than ever now even, how there are 20 people in the lobby at once and not a single active game! In what way is this game so different from others that players find it so uncomfortable to loose or face someone better that they rather not play! Using a default avatar, it’s obvious that there is great unsecurity among individuals! The best is when a player enters your game, thinks for 5-15 seconds and leaves, you can feel them contemplating: “Should they take the chance? Is this avatar maybe a good player in disguise? Is it a bad player and maybeI can win, what if it’s that fucking Apex? Will I get time to set up? Fuck it, I’m leaving this game, I’m gona chill in the lobby, playing is too stressfull! I like this game though!”
I am not even mentioning the ones who quit as soon as they see organised setup movement! They are the more mentally fit ones! I don’t know if I should feel sorry for them or me in those instances! There is something strangely intimidating about this game…it seems!

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Unbelieveble sight to behold :+1:t6:

I’ve wondered the same thing. As I weite this, there are 38 players in the lobby, but only three active matches.

It’s true that I don’t play the game that much anymore, and I was never that good at it anyway. Also I’m in a different time region than most of you guys, but I’m really interested in the game and it’s development.

(There’s my excuse).

This is something that i can relate to, literally players that see me rolling out the multiselection they immediate leave :expressionless:

And it’s obvious that their conciense tells them it’s cowardly, because they even disappear from all the games…sometimes even go offline! I think it’s inner shame…

After only three volleys! It’s depressing…

It’s pretty ridiculous

I’m almost in tears!

we just watching from afar


They were sizing each other up for hours…

…in reality at least five minutes and then one of them left! I wish I could read the thought process!

Well maybe its because of time zones but I’ve been having some quality matches

I just got into three matches. Set up a solid position they left. All thee matches. Different people. Back to back to back. I’m not a fantastical player, but even this bs aggravates me. There should be some sort of penalty for ducking out of matches.

Kind of like a Competitive Cooldown in Counter Strike? That could be interesting.

But then there’d be competitive and casual

Im afraid that won’t deterr

5 days ago… Wow. I just came back. And I saw 32 people but not a single person in.

How is that possible!?

This guy’s ßtatus never changes, if you see him in a game, be sure he will be gray!