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The lobby, a thread about it


They were sizing each other up for hours…

…in reality at least five minutes and then one of them left! I wish I could read the thought process!

Well maybe its because of time zones but I’ve been having some quality matches

I just got into three matches. Set up a solid position they left. All thee matches. Different people. Back to back to back. I’m not a fantastical player, but even this bs aggravates me. There should be some sort of penalty for ducking out of matches.

Kind of like a Competitive Cooldown in Counter Strike? That could be interesting.

But then there’d be competitive and casual

Im afraid that won’t deterr

5 days ago… Wow. I just came back. And I saw 32 people but not a single person in.

How is that possible!?

This guy’s ßtatus never changes, if you see him in a game, be sure he will be gray!

I think it also counts people that are practicing,making maps,in sandbox mode or in the forum. So maybe thats why it says people are online but nobody is playing.

Yes that’s correct. And I can see activity varies a lot, with peaks during weekends and lows on tuesdays around 9 am UTC.

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Making maps and playing sandbox is all they’re doing…and that practice will not do them any good either, exept if they really open this game for the first time

And Nikodil, I forgot, the chat has been a bit troublesome! Since the big update it bugs abit when using emojees and other alphabets besides latin! Cheers

I believe I fixed that chat bug in the last update, if you still see this problem let me know.

Practice mode is not really that good for learning the game. I plan on adding a proper tutorial once I’ve made some gesture improvements, which is the next item on the roadmap after basic modding support.


A tutorial on different formations would be nice


I have noticed a trend among the new players, they almost allways put infantry infront of the range and wait to have it shot up, I mean…evenI saw Braveheart

And Sandbox by the way is hardly of any use to a player who has just begun playing! After you have learned what this game is about on the battlefield, you can go and experiment in detail, using sandbox! What are you going to do otherwise, run laps around the lake or the ridge??

And since this thread is about the lobby. Nikodil, in some instances the game slots become vacant and in other, players are still there and the activity ”lamp” turns grey! What decides that? Sometimes the lobby is full of non-active games withgrey non-active players!

More lobby issues and some kind of crashes. The two screenshots are taken approximately 30 appart, first one and then, after closing the app and reopening it, the second one!

Appart of the fact that there were no games to view and one opponent was a question mark, the time set back to 0:35 sec on the top active game as I reopened the app, hense the earlier occasion shows that more time has passed!

And the top two games at the top seemed to be stuck, one was imopssible to join (the top one, which results in getting a new game with two open slots impossible), the one below I think was just stuck with the blue player being not ready!

And about two hours earlier at about 16:30 cet there was a serious game crash!

So it is safe to say that this evening with 23 players online, the game is unplayable!