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The Mercenary Army


In and out I go.
For staying I can not stowe
Forever shall I go
In and out I go


A hero of ol’ returns chanting her battle cry…Has the decsiple of Lord Thruzan returned to rebuild the Army?


It was more a poem than chant. But that’s fine I guess. Also your calling too highly of me.


It was a nice little poem. The long term players deserve a little bit of hype. It is nice to see the old army bumped. @TheHorseLord is boldly recruiting for his mercenary band. I don’t know if he knew about this army but his commitment to the idea is commendable.


If you speak so highly of him, he must be a notable person. I’d like to meet this warrior you spoke of. Can that be arranged? @Noremac


Hmmm. He has been pinged. I can’t attest to his skills on the battle field, but he is persistent in his cause. This thread is his domain:




I wonder if he is up to the challenge…


Uvox its me scipio from discord


Noremac I knew about this clan but since my name is xenophon the greatest mercenary general I wanted to name the clan the mercenary army


As a fellow mercenary we shall work together. If you and your generals can help me on the Territory Map I will pay you finely. We need screenshots of @El-Duderino or any other player on that map.


Oh… you haven’t said anything on there for like three months though.


Yo im new i gotta question


Ask away


Ok how do i upload screenshots?


It’s quite simple actually.

First you click this icon while in the replie interphase.

Then this one to choose to upload one from you device.


Go to Samaria wars forum


Yeah i thought that but everytime i push the button it dosent do anything :disappointed_relieved:


Wheres that at


Are you trying to use the in game version or the forum only version?