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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


hcs or hsc or wtf


hsc its not hcs


Crini if nox ever gives u shit about runnig. Throw this shit in his face. An hour long game i spent chasing his ass i quit do to him runnin. Nox playes on logged off profile gets warmed up playing me then when hes confident he can beat me he loggs in. I played him 5 games every game i was getting familiar with him and he stoped winning so easy keep in mind i ALWAYS play logged in so he playes me on logged off pattern getting used to my play then beats me n boost he’s better he’s shit. I declare my self king nox is dethroned




Did he now that dushebag!? Actually if he had enough archers, there is a chance for him to kill u off and u know me, whenever there’s a chance I go for it! But with a depleted enough gen and range, maybe he didnt have a chance, difficult to see from here! But that offline/online shit…to put it into system like that is unsportsmenlike and shows weakness…maybe he’s getting cold feet and losing confidence…probably! What time is he usually on, hardly ever see him, exept his dad mbass emojees and cartoons and stuff on the forum!




I still stopped you from raiding


come out of your hole am in the lobby…


At least say that when I am active


I have seen u too many times in the lobby the past 10 hrs or sol…I have been begging for a battle! I see u batteling cherries…disappointing! Ur master Centurion is not a ducker at least! Im in the lobby…U wrote this 5 min ago…so…come get it


U R HERE…lets gooo…I see u reoplying


Well you just got beaten by the camping lord


Yea its fucking embarracing


And post ur stuff in ur territory game like ur master does, not here pls!


…or nevermind, post wherever the hell u want




Nox of course very passionate about me losing to random opponents and extremely involved in coaching…he heee