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Triangle drama with Noremac and a seasoned unregistered player!


Aces night!


Centurion had a bad day today! I could feel it…just as I was about to say gg and end it…he broke down mentally and made his units rout! Why Centurion u were abt to win that one! Patience today was zero!


i am player 5900


but its nice of you not to create a seperate thread for this …

Bitch made for real

@chikacrni i did see you run for quite a bit though


I ran for 2 min untill my infantry was killed and it became pointless…u can see them running…my infantry…still on the board! Get of my dick!


well i would quit it was for a pretty long time considering the chances you had to win


Ok…do whatever the fuck, whenever the fuck you wont…quit, dont…whatever


dont understand




still dont


Ya but ur not playing on forum game so theres no point and i didnt feel like chasing i know i coulda won if i played extreamly cautious i could win all of them


Ok…sure…u lost them because u wanted to! I was thinking…“How did I beat that unbeatable guy, he must have wanted me to beat him” mm hmmm


Waiting at my exit refusing to move…AT MY EXITPOINT, waiting for an easy payday! 30 foooking minutes at least…

30 min later we resentfully take the risk, all the routing nits are 100% lost in this situation

but so is almost all of this cunt’s range

and thus beginns the slow death, hope u enjoyed it Napoleon I did, like the french in the colonies guns vs knifes…

we love to kill slowly

And then he went home to cognac, crying…really…I think Napoleon was crying




Another idiot explaining to me how I lost and cannot win as he is chasing bowmen! Pathetic… And yeah it was the games fault, he could not resist but to complain about the game! Paaathetic…


My God…he’s been replying for 30 min now…The other funny thing is, in the end when he had 6 soldiers per unit left, THEN came the “enough time wasted”, but they were pretty healthy as he started to waste his time! The deep black hole of patheticism has no bottom! Yesterday he was like “oh how fun”, 4 losses in row later the grape was sour all of a sudden, reminds me of someone else…who turned sour after a few in a row!


Merde !!! You must be playing out of a mental c’est institution oui ? Oui :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Docteur confiscate his toy he’s hurting himself :exploding_head:

C’est pas possible. You took all these screenshots? Wrote a book? Ridicule to be added on top of the 3 wonderful qualities described in “scumbag”

Enough said but 2 simple points to give truth to your advanced schizophrenia

  1. only reason why I waited 30m or more for your attack is, that’s apparently the time you need to decide yourself… Back to point 3) of Scumbag list

  2. you didn’t win. I left because I had things much more interesting to do than running around behind your units… But how can you understand this with your mental condition? I pity you :pray::sneezing_face:

Now that truth is re-established, I will leave you in peace (and pieces – rip your army, Cf. above) to your fantasy world, your masturbatic frenesy :open_mouth::shushing_face:, etc etc

I’ve got better games to play with normally constituted and worthy generals

Adieu, petit fou :mask:


Yea you had interesting things to do when ur nits were almost dead…and really did you write this in the past 30 min, every word must have been very precisely calculated…maybe regretted…erased…replaced…over n over again…And of course I took screens, I knew u was gona come with your bullshit! Pity urself u suck shit…Its interesting how some idiots belittle you after they have been smashed and made small…“petit fou…” and shit…pssssss


Well… As I said I don’t spend my entire life on this screen, Petit fou

I happen to sleep

And it took me 1 m to write this simple and sweet note. You can’t believe? I’m not surprised. That’s the power of being anchored into reality