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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


Well u spent 30 min wainting + 60 min of pointless chasing…SO YEA U DO! That was very …hmmm…masochistic of u! And u reeaaad…n u replyyy…so dont lyyeee


I shall leave you in your fantasy now

Sweet dreams

Petit fou



“petit fou” is all u have left in this emarracement!


Actually regarding the post about Nox! He wouldnt give any shit about running, because he hardly ever complains! Maybe because he doesnt lose as much, but fact! And I have to say I appreciate that trait of his!


Actually Hitler destroyed the Keizerreisch!


Well do you ever wonder why he nevers loses. I never gave it much thought till i played him yesterday i may be wrong but he new my tactics like we’ve been playing already. As for talking shit he says his stupid shit sometimes. I dont talk shit till someone talks shit to me i never post bullshit first but when it comes i dont shy away also if people shame people that are new. All i know is i play him seldom so if he can be inactive for awhile and still be undefeated by me either he is that talented or most likely he plays logged off


To me ur speculation doesnt sound plausable, sorry but one thing he is right about is that u r an extremely sore loser…I can be that too…but u …oh my goodness! U undergo character changes when u get beat a bit more than u can take! And his shit takk is music to my ears compaired to your complaining! I cant side with u on this one sorry!


So u assume he is not very talented and draw the a bit crazy “offline” conclusion…and theory! Because thats what it is…its ur theory…first I thought it sounded for real, but when I checked your conversation history…I dont think so…U just sounded very mad and that that was affecting u to write all kinds of crazy shit! sorry


Say what u will yes i was a bit angry but not cause he’s beating me cause he’s talkin shit too lol if he always played and he beat me consistantly as easily as he did when i first played him today i would say he’s that good but i bearly see him ever and he’s that good i dont think so. Ive played other good elite players that play logged off so they go one breaks and when they come back there rusty but nox is always looking warmed up so idk but thats what i think


I never played an online player that playes his style or is that good…so…and I kind of recognise his style…and kind of would recognise it if it was to happen to me! Naah


I can explain to you the history, if you are willing to listen


Of which i am sure you dont know how to


It may sound like rubbish, but that is history


The reason why they were surrounded and attacked from all sides


He’s not gonna be obvious he’s not playing to win rather to get a feel for your style find effective tactics to use on you or maybe just to understand what you will do when playing he will purposely hide his skill he wouldnt play you at full skill to make it known who it is


I believe many concpiracy theories, but this is too far fetched in my opinion!


Ok maybe you think he’s just that good but i aint drinking the koolaid i know how good i am and have a pretty good idea of peoples skill nox is just to unbelievable to believe +like i said in a 150+ days i only battled him at most 14 times and he can beat me like that lol


And you are the one not listening, I repeat, YES they would have lost, but its the way they lost in am talking about! Had Hitler been smart in tactics and not sacrificed hundreds of thousands at Stalingrad they could have held the russians for at least another year, you say the russians came sworming in million, thats true…but as a tactician with a few hundred thousand and a whole country to defend u dont leave them to die without clothes and ammo in a pointless battle, u retreat them, digg them in…His smartest generals wanted to do just that! And yes they were attacked from all sides…thats no news…but he did not make the most of it…bot even close…matter of fact, he handled the second part of the war (which was the part that mattered most) in the worst way possible! How difficult was it to win a blitzkrieg on the ill prepared polish or french??? Actually it was the frnche’s own fault they got stormed and occupied like they did…its your major, you should know that!


Yes, i know that, but then no one is perfect


Either way, the French and British had bad communications back then in 1940