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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


Neville Chamberlain was taken off from office but Winston Churchill made the relations between France and Britain to become a little bad since they attacked the French ports in Algeria since they believed that once the French lose in the Battle of France from May to June of 1940 then the colonies of France in Algeria will become a part of what Germany conquered including the French fleets


Dane is that Hitler on your logo???why Hitler


I dont care just wondering why


Hahaha, Heinz Guderian is better


Heinz Guderian is way better…




strong textAh yes, it is the battle for nevel not navel


So Danesoto…I was a bit stressed running and shooting u dead so I couldnt really answer in game chat…I was just hearing “argh, urgh aah ohh”… anyway…HOW THE FOOOK AM I SUPPOSED TO SHOOT U DEAD IF I DONT RUN??? Or u want a present from me or what? Is that it? U want a present???

And its funny how mofers aaalways have to go just before they are dead!! I’ve never played a mover who has the momentum and says “oh gosh I have to go, my work, my parents…my wife bla bla”!!! Funny


And wtf is “technicly win due to cowardace”?? U LOST… R u seriously telling me to attack ur infantry with my range??? Well mr Heiz Guderian you should know very well that you dont drive an airplane against antank on the ground…u fly n u drop bombs…cowardice…maybe…but thats war! Every weapon is created due to cowardace! FROM THE FIRST STONE THROWN AT AN UNARMED MAN…TO THE FIRST BOW FIRED AT AN INFANTRY UNIT…TO THE FIRST CANNON FIRED AGAINST CAVALRY…

Do yourselfes a favour save your range, save ur cav…stop with the pathetic complaints! Its just that…pathetic


I dont care…just be urself!


I dont understand wtf u just said!


Is that an order general? Because ur in no position to give orders after a surrender like that!


As I said I dont care n we r all equals on this forum!


I dont treat it that way, maybe for you it is like that


And please man, have a good attitude or else other people will think of you as a bad person


Also first, Airplane bomb on tanks but you should know that they can still shoot the planes with mounted SG, the soldiers can too, and FYI they dont use cannons but canisters on horses


And I didnt surrender, GOOD NIGHT, lets fight tomorrow to prove


U did surrender here let me post it again:

“I have to go, my mom is calling me”= surrender


And there is nothing wrong with my attitude, its u who are coming with the bullshit, what do u expect…understanding?