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Cowardice means to prolong a losing game by A. running and firing by only keeping range and cav to specificallyce used to flee and prolong the game. B.using the excuse what am i supposed to due i only have range and cav so im forced to run.
If you know a game will take hours to finish it doesnt make your opponant less skilled then you or a loser of the match cause he quit what you fail to understand is many of use would take a loss then to try to chase you for hours like nox i coulda won but his expert running is annoying to a commander like me i have better shit to do then chase a coward around for hours and that says more about the coward running then it does the quiter. You may say its his fault but when you already plan on running by saving fast units is a cowared in my opinion


Maybe i should adapt this style to show you how frustrating it is chasing for a win its no fun when your the one chasing but maybe you dont get to chase enough to gain the full expierance of how much it sucks


I dont know what is wrong with u people…what u dont understand! Its not a losing game if I am still killing u! Its a losing game when u lose ur most important troops and r left with useless infantry against fast range n cav!




Go play some other mele-game…it would suit u better, frontal assault action, no finess! It would suit u better


I DONT KNOW WHT U DONT UNDERSTAND WE HAVE BETTER SHIT TO DO THEN CHASE UNITS AROUND FOR EVEN 30 MINS. IS TOO LONG!!! Why is that hard to get just take a loss damm u really got hours to spend. Go play pack-man thats more suited for you


Well the game has no time limit…but hey u can always quit! Or make sure u save some cav…simlpy…Like u said urself! Or push for chnges in the game…like u do…so its perfectly suited for ur personal liking!


U r the one complaining…this game suits me perfectly fine!


No finess lol i use finess its just used to battle not flee how do u think i sourround u and get u on the run all finess my friend. You just dont recognize it cause its attacking and not fleeing that im using it in. I never retreat and make u chase i regroup and attack if i lose i lose but all u will be able to say sbout me is i gave u a good game


Its not much finess in losing ur most important troops! And in football u probably would shave all other elements exept the offencive and defencive lines! I really understand Nox now, because u are the worst crybaby and sore loser!


Im not sayving them to run from u at end this is battle not at last resort flee thats coward shit


So ur saying if u have three range left n I have all my inf u would just storm?


Im not. saving them to run either…but I save them at all cost! And if my inf cant get it done…they can!


Thats exactly what im saying, in real life i would run and save lives but here its a game ment to be enjoyed running from you is no fun to me nore do i think its fun for you. I have real life shit that gets in the way to much to be having 40 min 1hr long games that arnt even fun


I could see if there was a way to slow ur units down by damedge it would be fun but u bearly lose any men when fleeing so its extreamly drawn out


this conversation is running too fast for me to keep up


Take it slow start from the top!


dont have the time



when did that happen???