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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


witnessed that


weird i dont see a name and there is a red dot indicating the player isnt playing but both sides are moving


look at that


Dont post that shit on my thread!


When u quit on me…


oh ok


Uh no, I am not the one with the wrong attitude now, and you are the one who is shouting again and again like this is an arguement


Now it happened to me…lost all my range was left with almost useless infantry…but am not a crybaby like the HSC crybabies!

I just do my best without complaining, but this dude is really good, top 2

But notice the psychology he used: “u should be able to catch me…trap me!” hahahaha…You cant trap 3 range units plus a mounted archer…Right Centurion?

:martial_arts_uniform:I love this game :boxing_glove::boxing_glove:


And he knew what time it is…he didnt complain! His cav has me sweating everytime!


‘‘ALL IS FAIR IN WAR’’ as Nox said


Lol i can trap u all day but i dont want to so theres a big differance I’ve expained to u i aint doing it and tan and white look like he quit i dont get ur point and no one accuses you of running they call you out for running its somthing you do if it was an accusation that would mean they say that but its not clear thats what ur doing you are doing that so its more of give you shit for running not accusing u of runnin lol


Lol i dont complain i LET u have the victory i know how to flee and use all your evading tactics i just dont its poinless and i talk shit when u post your victory screens and act like you devastated me when i let u have it cause i only have range and cav left im no coward to run or if i only have infantry left im not chasing but you will fight a losing battle just to make it boring for the other person and i was surprised to see @Nox using you evading tactics thats when i knew he was febile hearted as the rest of the players who use these tactics he couldnt take a loss so he ran for 30 mins makingme chase him knowing i will quite then the pussy screenshots it and calls it a win lol thats how i know he’s just regular elite player he just uses incognito to gethr intel or a feel for a player so he can keep the illusion he is the best smart tactic but a coward one


Ok we should all play so u are happy and have fun :roll_eyes:! Dont run from inf, embrace the arrows…What should I have done there…run after him get busted then give him shit for running because I cant catch…given up…or should he have given up, because he is the runner and I the chaser, or should he have charged my inf with his range?? Wtf… Or should I be declared winner because my inf was victorious over his, or should he be declared winner because his range n a few cav survived and I lost mine?? What would make u happy?? What scenario is the “right” scenario???


Busy right now


So wtf is it? Should he have charged me and been smashed, or should I have chased him n become demolished by arrows! Which one makes u happier??


Well obviosly he choose to quit knowing it would take years to see it threw he let u take the victory he knows he lost the main engagement so its pointless to try to kill all your men 4 men at a time possibly taking hours to win its ridiculous to try pointless even


And your not a cry baby lol your the biggest 1 i know



Funny how you were acting like that wasn’t you playing @chikacrni though

Logged off forum even insulted yourself during the match


Still think thst was centurion but whatever


you are saying that in a real war you wouldn’t play to the last troop and use their advantages to the fullest
I know I would no matter how long the game goes … if you have a time limit entering a match don’t get angry when the other player can stay on all week… it shouldn’t matter

Next time that random default player should take the high ground or at least not be scared enough to flush him out he also had samurai and more troops in general he also didn’t want to take a Risk