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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


So wait…if am the one with the inf I should chase pointlessly…and if am the one with the range Inshould charge pointlessly! U know what…just play…or dont play…Im tired of ur bullshit,…u stopped making sence long time ago…


Ur both crazy with that offline shit…I saw that player beat Centurion a few days ago…was he maybe playing himself…huuuhh…Give it brake,


Haha hey I never said shit about it before he started saying I was doing that haha

I’ve lost a few times to random players and I hate it cause I can’t get a rematch


Well he was completely insane in those posts…trying to catch up!?




You guys ever watch Marco Polo

I used to play under Hundred Eyes also


And yea as he put it! We play to win, to last troop alive and do whatever it takes…Indont play for anybodys amusement…I play to win so spare me ur damn wining n bitching!


You learn something new every match


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grin:you wouldnt understand honorable tactics your skilled in cowared ways so i wouldnt make sence to you


U can stop writing to me now…I wont write to u…we’ll meet on the battlefield…or we wont!


Lol u wont write to me lol ok ill leave u to your coward ways since u said it first keep my name out ur mouth and all will good


Funny how a roman would find guerrilla tactics unhonorable …for he knows not how to win over them




You’re right you don’t make sence :skull: … you mean sense you idiot :v:t4::japanese_ogre:


That S and the C are not even close on the keyboard haha


Time time time my friend i dont wanna spend a hour chasing just for a .meaningless victory u guys aint even playing territory wars so theres nothing to gain if i stay for an hour the pay out aint worth it you dont play territory wars cause your scared to show youself nox and crini is a f**** crybaby he quits everthing. And romans didnt use gorilla tactics infact that was there weakness


Excalty idiot that’s why I said that about you romans weakness haha


Then don’t chase a real roman general would end the match in under ten mins even less blitz the shit out of every player


Aint it funny im in lobby playing and nox is MIA hmmmm scared or


I wasnt playing and he’s on hmm


Taking a piss calm your tits babe I’m coming