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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


Im on even invited you


Is that what u call ur log off practice. Do u sit down to piss lol u take long


Here’s you fkn screen crini he’s just like the rest


Left right after he won his second game ever vs me in nearly a dozen or more games we’ve played haha and now he calls himself king what a fucking idiot haha I even said to play again and he made some excuse about his kid spilling shit haha



About 4 min after battle im runing lol


You were just on when I joined the lobby you left wahaha foreals


I was there then u exit so i left


Haha sure man whatever

Funny that the night I’m on you seem to be logged on then off …but still log on to make a comment , like a run away


Look at above screen i gave u plenty of time to rematch not my fault you keep missing me or whatever is going on what more do i got to do


U keep writing on this thread and I will pollute ur territory and conquest thread so bad it will look like sundown in Beijing…even if u answer this!


some really good unregistered players out there!



Threaten me again i will privatize to avoid your pollution of my game and still keep a public thread and pollute ur thread 2 fold i wasnt gonna post on ur thread but u threaten me and its all out WAR


Hi Centurion


U couldnt resist the temptation of being an asshole to the end!


Keep it up and this can be war delete ur post on my shit and ill delete these dont think u can threaten me and get no reply your the asshole a simple can u take your post off and they woulda been gone but you choose to threaten as if you dont know how i react to threats


@Eric_alexder_theg8 you losing your shit eh haha don’t stress



Lol never bro its all a game i laugh when telling my wifey all the SW drama but my words do come off angry only in the heat of battle do i really get angry due to jumping and glitching of units drives me fuckin nuts