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The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!




:fire::tornado::boom::skull_and_crossbones: :coffin:


And after almost a year I reached self fullfillment and managed to get a victory over none other than the old ghost…NOX! :medal_military:

…best out of three aswell! Endorfine is flowing wildly…


I could put fire representing the territories :fire::fire::fire::fire: you conquer


You have quite the collection here its a shame you didnt play your screens on map


Well I like my collection!



Ya they sure are pretty to :eyes: at u should post in territory advancements to actually do something with them other then to look at when times are hard


Is this how you look at them
If you only post them to look at them this is how u might end up so be carefull id’e hate to lose u. Put your hard work to use make your move on the map


They are actually not for me to look at, but for the other players…and you aswell! Nice to see that you are boiling on the inside! Enjoy your territories…administrator! Times are never hard…this collection is a testiment to it, we allways bounce back stronger! And you can never lose something that you do not have…you lost it a few times though…and you seem to be losing it once again!


Practice offline lately?!



Hay No Mas can I be part of the Mongol Hord I am more of a cavalry player that’s why I lose a lot because I’m not that good at infantry fights


Yes Scipio, but we have to discuss certain conditions…I will mail you






Well, you posted the inconclusive match number 2, hahaha



Dane in order to call a long game inconclusive the match must be longer then 15 min and the one without general will win if both dont have general the match is a inconclusive to settle these disputes in the future

The Genral rule


Bruh, it lasted for more than 30 minutes