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The multiselection for moving more than one unit at once


Instead of having to hold one unit to make this dark bubble happen and then tap the other soldiers you want to move at once(but next thing you know, if you know if you accidentally tap a unit you already selected it will unselect the others and you have to start all over, really a hastle).
Instead, there should be like some Total War lasso feature that you drag around the units to make it far more practical and not end up ruining the formations as a result with what we got.


Maybe you could group units together at the start of the game like in tw? And they would also hold the position in relativity to each other (eg. if you put 3 pike units behind two archers, they would remain that way when you move them).


I’ve edited some parts due to typos.


Do you know what caused this, punk? My amazingly orderly retreat and the way that my guns covered each other in the same way that a squad of soldiers would retreat. I annihilated your ass bitch, with pure skill.


Before, After(just making one turn)


I agree. I have been a bit hesitant but think I’ve come to the conclusion that lasso selection could work. Adding this to the to-do list


Im not sure what the lasso is…but being able to aim multiple troops aswell would be butter, to remind!


i have this weird feeling that instead of drawing a lasso it will drag the entire screen or when ill want to drag the screen itl draw lines around troops


Yea…there’d still need to be a double tap or something to start the lasso mode…but then again what we have now is kind of like a lasso! The only problem with the current system I find hard to double tap select a troop when they are extremely blobbed up…


I find that whenever I try to select all my units. I end up deselecting 1 or 2, and by the time I’m done, the enemy’s already upon me!


You know what’s truly a big issue while moving your troops. The buttons don’t work whenever soldiers are below them and that technically since the buttons are in the way, they should not be selecting those soldiers as well. Like for EXAMPLE, I try moving some troops and have them run but at certain times there are nearby soldiers below where the buttons would be and thus I cannot make use of the buttons at that point like even the run button and that’s why formations always appear scrambled up.


Hence a lasso type could solve one problem…another would be that they cant blob together to that extreme extent! but the blob must be a bible to code off into a proper sustainable sollution I imagine!


U can hold ur finger on the unit then tap other ones the touch 1 unit and drag to destination


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Like this new feature, welcome @Kamran


Blobbing them together makes the melees to OP and unpredictable.
Total war does solve that problem though by essentially having both of those types of selection devices mixed.


If you blob up in two the units in the back get tired and so are easier to destroy


The latest build I did some improvements with the multiple unit selection: double-tap and hold to activate the lasso.


It’s not perfect yet, because it’s too easy to accidentally have some units selected and then the double-tap is interpreted as a move command. Need to fix that somehow.


yup i realized the change today in a match
i was trying to multiselect and a square appeared…
i guess i just have to get used to it


Thanks Felix! Very helpful. Is this page still necessary then?