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The Roman Republic is recruting


If you join put T. R. R the beginning of your name also we are last of the house of soldiers clan


More Romans to the slaughterhouse…mmmmm :wink:


Ey Scipio, when will you post a vid of me?!


If he ever gets his page up these will be my recruits only not anything higher in rank atleast from H.S.C .People who join his clan will be seprate from mine. Also where is your territory you have slaughterd these romans in all are empire is still intact.I only acknowledge losses of my empire. Based on victory screenshots on IF YOU SEEK TO CONQUER page so dont say you slaughterd my men if you have no land to show for. My clan is made up of many people of defrient origin from all the stretches of the Empire of H.S.C


If you join the clan I will make a vid I didnt make one yesyerday cuz my aunt pastaway


I have to join the clan for u to make a vid…hahahahahaha! Heavy price to pay! I actually subscribed and have shown great interest on the youtube channel, I comment, have given advice on improvement and so on…even complimented u on great work! If u only make vids on clan members u r kind of working against ur purpose, since most of the best players are outside the HSC! And you do want to post quality battles…or do u?


Just kiding I will make a vid featuring you but I neaded a righthand man like my coloniel


Just because I dont engage in fairy tales about lost kingdoms that do not exist, doesnt mean I dont sweep the floor with the HSC clan, actually I dont think I have lost to any roman hsc exept to u…They all fall…Last few months I havent even saved screenshots of hsc because it hasnt even felt like an achievement to win! So yea…more of those to the slaughter…as the hsc grows!


Look at me is SASE T. R. R notH. S. Chochopav


Sorry for misspelling this phone is very glitchy


Its kind of unrational to ask a person that could be your sensei to join your clan! A black belt doesnt join the dojo of a purple belt my friend!


All right want make the video of you


want or wont? didnt quite understand…


Wana make the video


Well thank u…I would greately appreciate it! It would be an honor! How shall we go about it?


Crini to battle you is pointless you just hit n run only with cav you dont win by conquering u win by bordem no one wants to chase you around for an hour so to say u mop the floor with H.S.C members is a bit of an exaggeration you more bore my members to submission if anything and if you had members you know ide be really dominating foreal n mop the floor wit not only u but ur members, the last time ive played you your main body was ok to say the least i give up cause im not gonna chse your cav around fordayss So you can have your cheap victories and call them wins. Conquer lands to show how dominate you are my elites hold my main empire how much land can crini khan really conquer???


Cent can you give me link to where you got rank chart I can’t find it


Na ahh…u make it sound like I just have two horses left n run to eternity, thats completely wrong n u know it! In those situations, ur cav is destroyed, ur archers are on their last breath…u usually have had the upperhand in the hand to hand combat, but ur strategy has left u with only katanas n pikes n decent condition…so with my range n cav its only a matter of time! You take poor care of your most important units…roman general! That is your weakness, dont put the blame on me! Regarding ur clansmen…its way easier and usually doesnt come to what I just mentioned above!


I can’t beat cent cuz he always bunches his troops up and I can’t get good dice charges


When he bunches his troops together usually he looses the best of his range n cav as they are forsed to fight hand to hand…