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The Roman Republic is recruting


I wanna join
Ave Rome!


You may join just put T. R. R upfront of your name


The romans are growing! That was actually the downfall of rome itself…became too big!


Yes but we have just startedbto grow will you join


Discord channel link?


Ru serious like ive said b4 the only reason i LET u do damedge to my range is to bait u in or you will just skim high ground to avoid being fired on, and u think im falling for your obvious attempt to seperate infantry from range im seperating them so your cav will come in or else if i cover them and dont move my infantry and expose my range you just circle around forever till i either deside to go attack your main body or try to do the excruciating time consuming work of wearing ur cav down till they rout or just distroy your main body and then chase them either way its no less then a 20 min game. true you dont just run but your about one tactic away from being that. If you did those tactics and also mixed it up with some units to actually battle you would be a better formidable opponent but your tactics lead to drawn out cat n mouse games but thats your style. Its just frustrating cause are units have no sheld wall or they hardly cause damege only literally killing like 4 horses men when u run threw my units, which even if i boxed u in good, u still will escape so this would have to be done like 25 times each cav in order to kill your cav. So if i wanted to i could march to ur main body Untouched by your cav i know how to defend agains your annoying cav rotations i choose to engage and Let u attack my range to hopfully rout them


I will put it in the real clan forum where it says T. R. R are recruting ok


Cent I have three people


1v1 me glhf


Sorry…I am more of a mongol horde type of person…the only thing I like about ancient Rome is the poetry…n maybe hot baths! :wink:


I am a Scythian person but really like ScIpio Africans that’s why it’s my name but before I was nomadic warrior


I do true mongle tactics. There tactics are to cycle charges in mass and fire using there superior bows.
You can do the same with full army. I use this tactic to defeat elite hill top campers. I liked playing u better in bigging when you used full army you’ve resently went to cheaper annoying tactics also i notice u shy away from battles wit me or do my suspicions decieve me


But scipio was known as a tactition. He watched and adapted and used techniques he learned from his opponents. Watch good players ask questions about there tactics watch how they protect there range how they attack range the turrain they choose and why. Sorry this was ment to scipio not crini


Can I switch To your clan


How do I leave the other clan


What other clan


Ave Roma! I’d like to join, if there isn’t a Free Peoples of Middle-Earth clan


You can join just add T. R. R upfront of your name and no there ain’t no middlearthclan otherwise I would have joined lol


Perhaps someone should make one…
Also, do we have a discord?


Ya dont make it the clan I mean its verry hard to get players now days