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The Roman Republic is recruting


Its not worthe it I made this one cuz I got some people who already wanted to make it


For a while I was batteling u all the time and it became abit boring…it was like 5 times a day over a month or two…but hey I just press ready n battle whoever!


Oh alright,yah it does get a bit stale but thats why sometimes i charge to make games fast and i try to make things to give batteles a motive to keep this from happing. Im currently making a few more fractions of teames to battle against i come to ask you to lead the golden horde empire you would have to do nothing i will send recruits to your team you need to not change name or anything your members that i recruit will have G.H.S you can rank them as you please i will handle graphics unless u want to .you dont even have to recruit unless you want to.i just ask you since you are of leader status and other recruits will respect your play. The purpose of this clan would be to conquer territory by screen shots the elites can conquer other elites and give land to there recruits recruits then get specialized task to battle other recruits to conquer land all you have to do is claim more land by challenging other elites since all leaders are elites there is good compitition between empires . i will make a page with all leaders and fractions once i get agreements from other elites your the 1st im asking, im going to get elites to lead these teams so every team has strong leader and has a good chance of conquering land so that games dont get stale i will do everything but u get executive disition over task over your member but since i recruted them and will do everything incase you dont want to do nothing. Will bare H.S.C but will have a G to distinguish the Golden hord ,i will make a mongle rank i will send recruits to battle u so u can rank ur men.i will put ur rank with all the other ranks


If u give no reply i will just assume no, so will fill the spot with other elite just thought ide ask u 1st . keep in mind u will do nothing no training no recruiting just beat players on there behalf for land.


I appreciate the effort ur putting into this, but give me a day to reflect


Koo this doesnt mean your in my clan or anything like that unless u want to be it just means you have command of those soldiers u rank them i give all my members task of orders with a little back story i will do this with ur men but since there under ur command u can change there task based on what you think they need work on


Centurion man…sorry…if I am to lead a clan it is I who have to everything hundred percent, but I really do not have the motivation right now! So I have to pass, but thank u for the extremely generous offer! Keep on keeping on…


Can i join scipio recommended me


Sure just add T.R.R infront of your name


CAN I join


Ok I’m on the clan page


Ok you are alreado oin clan just get on the game often k


Hullo. I’d like to join too


Sur just add T.R.R infront of your name and you will be comanding the XXI Legion


Write H.S.C if you want a general that can actually train you


Waow yoi know you :smiley:are so funny :joy:


:grinning::grinning::grinning::+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: funny but true remember you started this war​:grinning::pensive::grin::smile:


No I didn’t I didn’t have time to look for a new pic cuz I had to take every thing off cuz of lack of spase


Hmmm dont know if i should believe you, seems plausible but we have said to much insults to each other now we war in the samurai wars world personally no hard feelings this is all just a game to me so dont take things personal​:grinning::grinning::grinning: