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The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


I am XENOPHON and as an ancient mercenary commander I am starting this clan so that other clans can hire mercenarys and so we can make this clan the best in the game

The Mercenary Army

Cool. Do you realize there was another clan here with that name?


Ya but since XENOPHON was a real mercenary I named this clan like that


Wana join up


I would like to join your clan


Your in just as M.A infront of your name and be active


How do I join


Just add M.A infront of your name


I have made a change of the clan name so from now on add R.M.G infront of your name if you want to join


Lol bro ur gonna have to stick to 1 name when i put u on map


Us well it’s still not on map and normac didn’t like me using the mercenary army as my clan name


@Fooly62. @Brius @M.AGodlike these are my clan members


Hello my join clan


Yes you may just add M.R.G infront of name like me


I just added M.R.G to the first name right


Yes you are now my second in command what you like better cavalry or infantry


I like infantry


Ok you will lead a company called the silver wolf swordsman they are my body guard


Can I use a gun?


Ok how about archers and I will call them the silver rangers