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The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


Gun and infantry (((= ok br


Oh by the way it’s R.M.G not M.R.G


My men in rank @EdoMutako Colonial leads the silver wolfe swordsman.


Edo you still play


@Brius You are now colonel @EdoMutako you ar 1 capitan @Grayrider64 you will be 2 capitan and @Ser_Leslie_Pascual you are major.Brius you lead the White Wolves heavy pikes Rommel you take Silver Foxes lite infantry and archers and EdoKatabo you will have the Silver Wolves heavy infantry SR Lesly you will have the white Dogs lite cav


A player by the name of lieutenant colonel is gonna join the clan by my permission can he stay


Very well how good is he


He is fine and learns quickly he needs a little practice but I do time I think he could contribute to RMG a lot


Ok if you see him tell himbto ad R.M.G infront ofbhis name


Why is literally every single popular clan now dead and inactive? Well it seems a new generation is taking over. Yes, I have decided that I will join this clan and be active.


Ok Lord fox just add R.M.G infront of your name


Good for you my friend


Hey can i join as major general?


Can I join the clan?


Sure just add R.M.G infront of your name


Sure just add. R.M.G infront of your name




Ok let me qualify you in battle just one minute




Battle rommel