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The single deadliest war in the history of human civilisation



this battle has lasted 106595 hours.

12 years. 12 years of chaos and bloodshed.

meh too lazy to look at other sites, for reference:

lasting 2 times longer than World War 2, the most significant world war, until now.

this war will shape the outcome of our future, you must choose your side.


I choose the ? side.


But about the casualties


A standard match has 15x80 (1200) units for one side, 2400 for both sides, these units would be exhausted at a maximum of around a month or two, hq will send more units, over the course of 12 years, millions would’ve died not counting missing, death due to starvation or disease


They are minutes not hours.


What about the 30 years war? Nobody really gained anything from it apart from Sweden.


Of course. It wouldn’t be a constant battle like this one would, but it’s still a long time.


Wow yeah that lag happens




30 years war? Are you forgetting abouth the hundred years war?


just pretend it’s hours


What about the great northern war, it lasted over 20 years


SW glitch: * exists *

Any other war ever:


You guys don’t forget this

5. Byzantine-Seljuq ([1048-1308; 260](tel:1048-1308; 260) years)

The Byzantine-Seljuk Wars included a series of battles over a period of 260 years that led to a shift of powers from the Byzantine Empire to the Seljuk Turks in the regions of Asia Minor and Syria, and the rise of an era of the Crusades. After the conquest of Baghdad in 1055, the Turks expanded their kingdom westwards and, in 1064, the Seljuk Sultan, Alp Arslan, captured Armenia from the Byzantines. In 1067, when the Turks attempted to invade Asia Minor, they were pushed back by a Byzantine counterattack. However, the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 proved to be a major victory for the Seljuk Turks, as there they managed to defeat the Byzantine forces and capture the Byzantine Emperor himself. Despite this major win, the Byzantine rule over Asia Minor continued, and it took another 20 years for the Turks to achieve complete control over the Anatolian Peninsula. The call for the First Crusade was made when the Seljuk Turks went on to capture Jerusalem. Within a hundred years after the Battle of Manzikert, the First Crusades had driven out the Seljuks from the coasts of Asia Minor, and the Byzantines successfully regained some form of control over parts of their lost territories. However, the subsequent Crusades did more harm than good to the Byzantines, as the Crusaders, often ignoring or disrespecting their allies, also often looted Byzantine towns and villages along the way.


Alright, we stand corrected.


Hey do you still have discord