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The Toyotomi clan is searching for new members

Hello, so I decided to create my own clan, called the Toyotomi clan, because the real Toyotomi Hideyoshi created it, and I named myself Toyotomi Hideyoshi so I will call it the Toyotomi clan. I shall make some ranks, the lowest being Ashigaru, for those who don’t know, Ashigaru were the peasant foot soldiers in Feudal Japan, including in the Sengoku Jidai. Next rank is Samurai, you should obviously know them, then there are generals. After that there’s the Daimyo, leaders of clans and provinces, now the reason I didn’t make Daimyo the highest rank is that the real Toyotomi clan, which succeeded the Oda, actually unified Japan, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a previous Oda general and now, the Daimyo of the Toyotomi clan became the leader of Japan. And just another note, I won’t be adding any Shogun, because the Shogunate basically disappeared by the time Hideyoshi took power. Anyway, after the Daimyo there’s the Daijo daijin, or the Chancellor of the realm. A rank Hideyoshi held till his death. And finally there’s the Kampaku, or Imperial chief advisor, the highest rank Hideyoshi held. If you want to join, just send a message in the replies. You will start of as an Ashigaru, just like Hideyoshi (I mean the real Hideyoshi), and you will rise through the ranks, depending on your services to the clan. You have to win two battles to be promoted to Samurai, then four to be promoted to general, then eight to be promoted to Daimyo, and the same with the other ranks. However, something will change when you are promoted to general, you have to start facing more professional players, such as Apex Shureda, Heinz Gudarian, player 8888, or others who are a bit weaker but still considered professional like Korea, or Berk Khan (Thanks for the idea of facing more professional guys, Chikacrni)

Kamapku: Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Daijo daijin:
Generals: Falcon500
Samurai: BZawesome, MasGait34
Ashigaru: Hannibal, oofergang

I’ll join. What are my duties?

Defend the clan, and expand it

Depending on your service in battle, and how many you fought, and won, you will be promoted

Falcon500, by the way, why you don’t talk, not here but in the game itself, you will have to do so. So we can talk to each other if we met at a game and also to tell you that now you should fight, ok?

Does anyone else want to join?

Is this what I’m supposed to do?

Kind of, but you should win, let’s say two battles for the clan and show me here, if I am not present on the same server, when you win two battles, you will be promoted to Samurai

Yes, but I can’t put it, because I am on mobile not PC

It’s the sign of the actual Toyotomi clan

I did win two battles. I posted them

Ok, you shall be promoted to the rank of Samurai

Another great victory for our clan.

I didn’t expect you will serve the clan in such an extensive way

Each time you have to win twice as much as before, so you have to win another one to be promoted

I would like to join