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Hey guys, I’m Uchiha Haider the leader of uchiha clan if you want to join this clan then just post here that “I wanna join” or whatever u want I will let u join in order to join you just have to add Uchiha in front your name
And save the clan logo as your profile picture I will be dividing ranks in this clan

  1. Daimyo :- Uchiha Haider
  2. Commander in chiefs :-
  3. Generals :-
  4. Officers :- toyotomi

And I have one more rank know as “minister” if we go in a tournament I will make one guy minister who will take care of our treasury and u will be promoted according to your performace in tournaments

Thnx for reading just tell if u want to join


I wanna join ( this is me Tyotomi Hideyoshi )

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Ohk bro just add Uchiha Infront your name and update your profile picture to that of clan’s logo and u are all done

Ok, but how could I change my profile picture

First of all click on this link

If u want to change your username and profile pic. Always do it from browser ok

Now when u will open this page do your log in stuff after that click on your profile pic. On the top right corner

Click on the top right corner having a person face icon

After that

This will appear then click on preferences


This will appear here click on the pencil icon located near the profile pic. (U can also change your name here)


This will appear click on the little circle and then click on upload and select your pic. And after that scroll down and click save you are done.

Good luck

Ok,thank you so much

I just tried copying the image then placing it at “Upload” many times but it is not working

Are u doing it from pc

If you are doing from pc then drag and drop the pic

No, I am on mobile not PC

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Are you opening it from browser if not then open from browser and also don’t copy your photo when u will click upload then gallery and all other option should open after that select you desired photo

Okay :+1:

Still not really working

But, I don’t really think it is a problem, in the end it is just a picture

Ya that’s ok just change your name :blush: and thnx for joining our clan

Ok, your welcome, I changed my username to Tyotomi Uchiha Clan, and my nickname to Tyotomi Hideyoshi (Uchiha clan)

Good bro
Now u have been assigned to uchiha be ready for wars and get ready to protect your clan u are promoted to officer ranks show me your strength and u shall be promoted

But, what should I do to be promoted from Officer to general? (I think you should also add Tyotomi Hideyoshi (Me) at the officers, because you didn’t add me there yet)

i want to join

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Thnx just add Uchiha before your name and update your profile picture to one of our clan logo