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The Warrior's Bank


Welcome to the War Bank. Here your victory screenshots will be converted into a currency consisting of copper, silver, and gold. One silver is equal to 10 copper and one gold is equal to 10 silver. Money can be used to buy land at the Territory Bank, saved to show your skill, or exchanged for other purposes, such as bets. All transactions should be recorded here.

You will be awarded money based on your surviving units. There are three tiers of screenshots. Only the highest value tier will be credited to your account.

If your screenshot includes a surviving general and cavalry you will receive 1 gold.

If your screenshot includes a surviving general and ranged units you will receive 5 silver.

If your screenshot does not include a general you will receive 5 copper.

Players who have the most gold, silver, and copper will be honored below for their participation.

10 c = 1 s
10 s = 1 g

Screenshot value:
General + Cavalry= 1 g
General + Range = 5 s
No General= 5 c


                 _ _.-'`-._ _
    |LI  War  LI||LI||LI||LI||LI  Bank LI|
    |.. .. .. ..||..||..||..||.. .. .. ..|
;;jgs;;;;;;;;;;XXX ACCOUNTS XXX;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
        Gold: Eric_alexdr_theg8
        Silver: Noremac
        Copper: TheHorseLord

-Main Branch-

Ajpinoy23 - 21 Gold 5 Silver 15 copper
Almighty - 2 Silver
Black_thunder23 - 1 Gold
Blue_Eye 3 Gold 10 Silver 5 Copper
Cavan2605 - 2 Gold 5 Silver
Centurion1 - 84 Gold 22 Silver 10 Copper
Chikacrni - 3 Gold 2 Silver
Danesoto - 46 Gold 2 Silver
El-Duderino - 17 Gold 9 Silver 5 Copper
Flick_missle - 21 Gold
Grayrider64 - 23 Gold 5 Silver 10 Copper
GooseFeetNoodles - 5 Copper
Haiderkhan - 7 Gold 2 Silver 20 Copper
LieutenantColonel - 15 Gold 19 Silver 54 Copper
Lotus_Platoon - 8 Gold
mbkkr - 9 Gold 5 Silver 30 Copper
Metal - 1 Gold 5 Silver
MisukiChosokabe - 11 Gold 4 Silver 5 Copper
Noremac - 2 Gold 8 Silver 1 Copper
One_Man_Army -17 Gold 8 Silver 20 Copper
Plastic - 4 Gold 4 Silver
Ser_Leslie_Pascual - 5 Silver 5 Copper
Territory Wars - 76 Gold
TheHoseLord - 24 Gold 44 Silver 128 Copper
Zhao_Yun - 16 Gold 5 Silver 10 Copper

-Eagle Branch-
Thomas Robert Harrison - 6 Gold 5 Silver 10 Copper
KingBob - 1 Gold 5 Silver 5 Copper

War of the many Eagles ( back on business)
Territory wars 2
Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)
Report a Toxic Player Here
War of the many Eagles ( back on business)
War of the Black Plains
Territory wars 2
War of the many Eagles ( back on business)
War of the many Eagles ( back on business)
The Warrior's Tournament
Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)
War of the many Eagles ( back on business)


Witnessed @GooseFeetNoodles


The player is not on map it would make no advancement




Y not add in my trading system


Im suggesting an economy system
Each province will have a resource that are

Horses $5
Coal $1
Marble/Granite $15
Iron $10
Gold $25
U can use RNG (click for link) to assign the resources
Everyday you gain one of the resources
For example
I am trading with you
You have iron, i have wood
I would then gain +1 iron and +1 wood
Each player has 3 armies at the start
Each defeat will cause him to lose 1 army
Armies can be recruited with $1000
For each province, you gain $10 in taxation
But for every army after your 3rd, you -1 province worth of taxation
For example i have 4 armies and 2 provinces
As i have 1 amry over the limit, i only can collect $10


Coz currently the money has no value


And $ is better than gold or silver


general and range




This currency will be valued through the Territory bank. I like your idea, but it seems to complicated.


$ vs gold vs :boom: vs victory points are all subjective. I am going with gold and silver now because it has a mideival/fantasy feel to it. Also that is what Eric wanted to use for the Territory Bank. It shouldn’t matter to much.

Since you already have ideas for trading resources it would be awesome if you created something like that and used the War Bank as a place for accountability. I will be devoting most of my forum time to accounting so I will need help to make the currency useful. PM me if you want to talk about a resource system.


:bank: Update! :bank:

In order to avoid confusion, I will only be recording screenshots from certain threads. These threads currently include The Warrior’s Bank, The Shinto Shrine, and the ARF Graveyard

Screenshots posted at the Territory Bank will be used only to claim land. In order to buy land you will have to post here. If any other clans wish to register their thread as a place to deposit screenshots to the War Bank you will need to request that here.


Official territory bank notice

But if noremac goes inactive all currency will only be accounted for here in WAR BANK no other clan page will count to simplify for myself Centurion. Noremac shall inform you if im accounting in his place



Currency during the medieval times was very organised, they dont just use silver or gold, but have a fixed price for coins when u bought them like a money changer today. You have French Denier, Prague Groshen, Venetian Grosso ect