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The Warrior's Bank

Yes but that say victory on my logos Side

I think thats the latest version it tells who. Wins and loses

You are right. It confused me at first. I tallied up 27 gold and more for you. Good job, I am impressed.

He has made great progress it started all the sudden outa no where one day hes good now

I updated everyone’s account. Thank you all for your continued interest. I encourage you to start betting your money, or creating things for which to trade it for (strategy lessons, art, clan membership, roleplay sign up, ect).

Congratulations to @TheHorseLord for taking the medal for having the most copper.

6 gold One_Man_Army > Noremac

Thank you very much normav but you could congratulate me by playing more

Another bet


Hay noremac what arr they betting on

We made bets on a match between One_Man and me.

Oh who won

Arnt those two screens of me the same battle👆

My bad I screenshoted it bc I thought I won but I didn’t know you still had troops and when I uploaded it it was to small to tell which is different

All good bro

-24gold from Centurions account

To where? Also you don’t have that much.

:bank: if you notice any doubles in the future please edit your post delete them.

Im eric alxandr the gr8 can u just transfer all my funds from that acount to my new one The Centurion one just take of 24 gold i bought towers in my game to protect 3 fields they cost 8 gold each ive bought 3 i just needed deducted doesnt need to go no where