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The Warrior's Bank

Thank you very much normav but you could congratulate me by playing more

Another bet


Hay noremac what arr they betting on

We made bets on a match between One_Man and me.

Oh who won

Arnt those two screens of me the same battle👆

My bad I screenshoted it bc I thought I won but I didn’t know you still had troops and when I uploaded it it was to small to tell which is different

All good bro

-24gold from Centurions account

To where? Also you don’t have that much.

:bank: if you notice any doubles in the future please edit your post delete them.

Im eric alxandr the gr8 can u just transfer all my funds from that acount to my new one The Centurion one just take of 24 gold i bought towers in my game to protect 3 fields they cost 8 gold each ive bought 3 i just needed deducted doesnt need to go no where

Oh yeah. I was confused about that. I thought you were Eric at one point then forgot for some reason.

The money does need to go somewhere though. Since your game, Territory Wars, is supplying a product/service to other players you should get a business account to register that game under. Then the Territory Wars account will be able to pay players for owning gold mines or other currency generators. Having another entity that can give out gold will add a new dynamic to the economy.

I would give it to a market owner but no one currently owns a market but maybe a territory wars account can be opend then there can be a loterry or somthing idk yet i got to think about it maybe there can be a tournament miniture tournament as the the money in that account as the purse for the victor

I’ll start a Territory Wars account and let you use it as you wish. When other players purchase things in Territory Wars have them post here.

I’m still bad…
But hey ranged units :DD

Oh it works

Nobody is coming to our aid
5 regiments on 5