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There really needs to be a lock system for the “run” button


Every time the soldiers stop this d**b “walk” button pops up again and army movements cannot move as fluidly like dodging arrows and going offensive at the same time because the soldiers end up walking when doing that.
Lot’s of enemies camp but the battle plans for offenses are hampered ruined by this walk button popping up unintentionally, having to press so many soldier units one at time and risk scrambling the formations, especially on phones with dodgy touchscreens.


Maybe at the onset of a clash, infantry units should get some advantage if they were walking into the fight instead of running into it, and cav should get an advantage if they charge into an enemy instead of walk? And stationary infantry should be best at receiving a charge, but stationary cav should be the least advantaged.


Why would there be better for a unit to walk into a fight than charge in? There should be stamina, recoverable, but slowly fading away permanently after a long battle…like in the boxing game fight night for example…then you would walk and only run when the battle requires it! And there would be no such silly things as “auto run”!


Running into battle breaks up the formations, and the Roman Legions and Greek Hoplites don’t do that…as Heavy infantry they march into contact and use the weight of their dense formations to break less disciplined opponents. The Phalanx of the Macedonians (like Samurai Spearmen) carry 12-18 foot spears…they must keep formation and march in tandem to be effective.

Light infantry however, do better when charged into battle.


Yo, I thought of this the other day, too. It would nerf cavalry a bit too, and make them not as easy to harass with. You couldn’t just perpetually run all over the place. Kinda like the charge of the Light Brigade. The couldn’t gallop all the way there, because they needed energy to fight, and to get back out again, so they ended up trotting into cannon fire. Plus, when the loser who has one crippled unit left, but refuses to surrender couldn’t just keep running away indefinitely. Stamina should be incorporated into all units.


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