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These tiny rocks on the maps can get annoying


It causes the soldiers to glitch and spread especially by the mountains.


Troops should have more of an offroad capability, and ranged units should have a larger angle to aim? I don’t see how their sight would be obstructed by like 10 degrees uphill

Didn’t check the forums, apparently an update coming fixes the issue


IT IS MEANT to Stop Soldiers


Now that LOS is not affected by small bumps for archers, maybe grey spots would merely slow movement speeds?


Those grey spots sometimes act as bear traps, and that I’m classifying as a bug. The slowing down effect is ok though, as they mark out rough terrain after all.


No he’s right. Those rocks you put in Mountain River are to close to our spawns. Get rid of them there. And the terrain marking is poor. We still can’t tell the difference between higher ground slopes and lower ground on top of the grassy areas because they’re to similarly shaded and the poor AI archers can’t shoot over such small slopes but can shoot over the edge of hills despite them being bigger.
The AI for the soldiers going through the grey rocks is bad they don’t stop spreading out.
It even takes just one of the soldiers falling behind to cause a unit to advance further.


I would not classify as a bug, it’s just a drastic elevation change! Difficult to completely avoid when creating mapsCan be fixed in map creator…or rather, the bug is that a unit cannot hold formation after a troop falls into the pit!


But Nikodil! Get to work and clear out those bugs on the map! I mean, its only a bit of work with the smear tool…