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They should not be able to superimpose excesive units


This would make a better gaming experience since some players abuse this mecanic and do this game more realistic.


Agreed, moving to Bug reports


”Superimpose excesive units”? I need an explanation!


the blob


“The blob”? Eheh, sorry, what is the blob?


Honestly i think you need a video tutorial explaining the main features of this game 1 explaining movement+ multiple movement that has no explanation in the how to play page you created but it also needs an explanation on turrain and how to get unstuck when passing the darker terrain aka high ground or unscalable turrain i figured out tapping reapeaditly back and forth away and towards the stuck men rallies the trapped men to reorginize with there units fast. To the blob situation I’ve learned you just surround the blob and rain projectiles on them, this routs there whole army but the better the player the harder this is cause they will move, its just that i think new players just have no clue on mechanics of game and how it works. A video tutorial would work wonders to assist new players and make true challengers of them


The simulation does not properly penalize that soldiers are packed too close together. To be able to swing a sword or parry a blow, you need enough space around you so that your movement is not hindered. For long spears and pikes this might be less of an issue, because you thrust in the direction of the spear.

Soldiers getting stuck with their feet in “holes” in the terrian is a bug that should be fixed.

Tutorials is a good idea, once the features are more finalized.


Ahaaa “the blob”! Now…so


After a bit of playing you learn this blob is easy to deal with! Like Bob the Shogun said “fish in a barrel”!
But I agree that there should be some consequences in gameplay when you put 13 units ontop of each other…for the realism


Agreed :point_right: