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Things we'd like to see in Samurai Wars

I for one would love to see the following:

-Fog of war (for the love of God!)
-Army emblem/color/personal banner customization
-unit starting position customization
-larger maps
-perhaps individual unit loadouts. Different types of weapons, sheilds, and armor with different advantages and disadvantages. Ex: lighter armor means faster movement but less health. Certain sheild type is good against archers but too cumbersome to deal with infantry. Longer range bows but slower reload.



Hello, you if you want to know what will be added in the future you can go here! Roadmap (sep 2015)

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All good suggestions. To briefly comment on how they relate to the roadmap and priority:

Map editor and custom maps

  • Should add ability to modify map size.
  • Should be able to set deployment zones.

Custom armies

  • Tweaking the deployment phase so that you can pick and place units.

Battle mechanics

  • Will feature fog of war at some point, tough this one is a but tricky (some heavy math needed to get it right).

Other Periods

  • Improving moddability should open up for completely new units, e.g. modeling medieval warfare with shields and cannons.

As a matter a fact these are all great ideas which may improve the game. This is something that would be interesting to see how it works out.

Along with that maybe trying to improve the gaming graphics would also improve the game by giving the it more of a realistic look to it or something like that.

Also just out of curiosity what sort of game engine is Mr. Felix Ungman using to create his game it is just I am interested in just learning how to use this game engine. So I can also participate in building this.

The game is built with C++ using OpenGLES, glm, and SDL2 libraries. It’s using a custom framework for 3D graphics and simulation. I’m replacing the 2D user interface with html/javascript because it’s much easier to work with than anything C++ based.

Could you please send me the download link to this program so that I can have a clear idea of how should the graphics look like in the game.

Would you like 2D or 3D graphics to be created for characters and game objects?
And if so how would you like me to export them to you?
Along with that would you like to see some changes in the layout and design of the game. Main menu, play page, add in a settings page, faction page, and etc.

Thank-you also for reading my messages.

I prefer 3D though I admit ignorance in the realm of design and programming (no idea about exporting anything). I would like a settings page and maybe a button to access multiplayer lobby and a button to access single player. Not a fan of the artwork on the background.

Currently the graphics support is not very advanced, and will it need a serious update soon to add support for animations and 2D/3D graphics, together with import of the commonly used export formats. What tools are you using (or prefer) for 2D and 3D?

Having see your work it is my understanding that your are using images files to to create characters, soldiers, game objects, and etc. Afterwards I am guessing you trim them some how and export them into the game engine your using. Then apply code and test the work flow. If not please correct me.

As for basic simple animations, I think I could probably help you with that. Not much of a programmer just know very little basics about programming, in C++ especially, barely understand java.
As I was playing your game I noticed that when unit is alive hold still this image. So you basically have a image of a soldier standing still. When health of unit = 0 change image to being dead.
If so being true you could try when units select.drag.move (when player wants to move his units) change image to walking. When in attack range changing to attack image, and when dead dead image.

For 2D graphics I prefer using either Photoshop which costs money or gimp which is free. As for 3D graphics prefer using blender.

Also would you even mind if I were to try my edition on this game as in terms of graphics. It is just I am more better with graphics and design rather then programming. If yes then soon I will send you suggestion and design of the game to you.

On a semi related note, how close (ballpark) are you to releasing a new update?


By that you mean when is he ready to release a new update?

There are Xcode and CMake projects on github. There is a PNG texture sheet for the units in there, so it is possible to use this to try it out (although it’s currently very limited).

There will be a maintenance release coming up for iOS and Android soon. New features are added to the web version first, and ported to mobile later. I have no date estimates.

Alright then I will try it out thanks.

you should add a minigame feature or something that allows you to be one specific troop in first person just a suggestion and please add a send box to to the text cause my phone doesn’t have one in the text box so I cant talk

They should expand the world, make the forests 3D and they should make the name tags for the different sections of the army not visible.

Might be difficult, but if not, I would really enjoy seeing castles in there, a bit like the ones in Kanazawa where it’s all spaced out not like himeji or Osaka where it’s just a whole cluster pile. It would be cool if like your units could mount the walls or capture a fortification with the units inside able to change from player to player as long as they were able to maintain a certain area for a while (bit like King of the hill) also just as an additive canons would be a game changer for campers (guilty)

Also I reckon there should be historical battles in the practice mode, like replays of battles between clans. There was a heaps cool battle at sekigahara which would be fun to recreate.

Also smaller fortifications created by the units for example like hay bales or ditches or spikes(which would take time) for currency which (could) be earned in tournaments.

Also like numerous other people have mentioned here, the customisation of armies would be amazing and would provide a sense of character and give your army unique tactics. But there is still the problem of new players being destroyed by veterans if this goes through so it should be like a limit of units or like stronger units take up more space. So say for example the enemy could have 1000 peasants and you could have 700 samurai and it would be even(I don’t know exactly there would have to be like ratios or something) and also abilities as well like fire arrows or formations etc.

Also I just thought of this now, but what if you created like a whole map of say a 100 or so castles owned by frequent players and new players coming in would be given a handicap also each of those castles would be a single Map to play on. Though I find this one a bit far fetched it would make a great campaign

Also I think it would be cool to have like a time thing where there are the four seasons which have different weather, so summers green autumns orange winters snow(which hinders movement) and then there’s Spring which is pink (cherry blossoms) also a day and night would be cool and the fog of war idea someone had would be further enhanced with rain. Also from my idea earlier the fire arrows would create fire in the autumn which could burn down tree cover and injure soldiers

Speaking of which there should be like a thing where soldiers who previously engaged in combat and are injured could move slower or shoot less accurate but only for individual soldiers though.

Also the player credited with the most multiplayer wins should be literally crowned shogun.

Also if possible it would be cool if some of the rivers in the maps were flowing so a few soldiers get washed away and killed.

Also in some games increase the playable numbers so like 3v3 or 4v4 I don’t know if this would be too difficult and would override the system.

Map selection would be cool

And how about with gunners you add like a thing oda nobunanga did with his gunners where they had them firing in rows of three so it was quicker but did less damage

Also it would be cool if you added a captain to each unit so when he died the unit routed for a short length or just lost a bit of moral or maybe like just add a general to the star horse unit and when he died all routing enemy units stopped routing

Also it would be cool if I could zoom in all the way and get a view of the battle from one of my soldiers eyes or get level so I can see the terrain and find a good spot for archers

Also combining units of the same type so they’re easier to control so 2 katana units of 40 each join together to form 1 katana unit of 80

That’s all I can come up with at the moment, even one of these ideas being put to use would be awesome. Keep up the good work.

I should say all of these are great ideas Jonah. Which can be accomplished if we have more people who maybe have some experience in making video games. And maybe people that don’t. They could learn by making video games and soon afterwards help Felix Ungman in making his video game.

And in final making it into a great game. Obviously this is achievable but it will take a really long time, with the resources, materials, and people that are currently are available practically it probably will not happen so fast.

As you may know already many game industries that make those game that many people currently buy and people. It takes about you 2 maybe 3 or more or less years depended on the game your making. To make one of those game people usually enjoy playing. Keeping in mind that there are over 40 maybe 100 or even more people working together to make a game.

In our case it is just one person making this all happen or maybe more. I am not sure though.

But anyways thanks for the comment I mean those are real good ideas which need some thought to be put on. Speaking in terms of how to accomplish this.

And you know what maybe he should at least try and assemble a team.
I mean people who have anything to contribute to this game can try and help make this game better than it is.
We all can try and talk to him about this some time.