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Things we'd like to see in Samurai Wars

VEveryone here has amde a proposal, so I will too:

  • Take out the marvelous feature were units lock onto other enemy units. My army would survive for longer. It is really frustrating when you are trying to run away and your miserable units route because of this lock, when your quick skirmrish parties fail because they attack the infantry rather than just fire at the archers.
  • Make the server much more stable, though I suspect it is just me… But hey, maybe check it out.
  • Create bubbles that mark your units that are off your sight, all of them. I sometimes split my army and miss out some action because of it… Maybe even a mini map somewhere, may in the upper rigth corner.
  • And finally, the way to solve the request for custom armies. Create a balance of what each unit costs. Before each battle with the “deploy” on it, players should be able to choose their units. Now here comes the punch-line: Have you ever seen Totally Accurate Battle Simulator? Kind of like that, players have some amount of money, the same amount each battle. Now they will use this budget to choose what kind of units he wants, within the budget.

Need to get separate chats in the war zone so you and your partner can make audibles without your opponents seeing

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I would love to see rivers slow enemies, when I first began playing I thought they did (and suffered the consequences of trying to defend against it…) and I would love to see how a slowed march through water (with perhaps heavy units such as samurai unable to cross?) could turn the tide of battle.

I also very much agree with the prospect of adding the special ability for Yari troops. Too often cavalry units have simply rode through my spear line, suffering a few casualties but ultimately bypassing it. I think either cav should simply “bounce off” from a direct attack (meaning the unit scatters) or only the samurai unit should even be able to mount an attack, as only the most well trained horse would willingly charge into a spear, as the Romans found out and used to their advantage.

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I really think a naval component would really make this game more interesting. Have two large islands with forts, and like two smaller islands to capture on each side. I think it would add a really cool side to this game.

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How to playing p vs p…?

Check out:

His name was the only thing you would like to see

Put some personalisation to the game

no only if it includes rainbows

That is good and I would love there to be castles so u can defend and attack and the attackers can get more unites than defenders that would be great

only if there are narvelous rainbows

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Archers able to lead their shots against screening cavalary so the entire game is not unicorns running around with their rainbow flags waving.

That is all…

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I would like some narbellious rainbows tho

There’s ways to counter the unicorn rainbow screen


Too bad, I don’t want you to

Then there should be rainbow stringers attached to the archer’s arrows, so while letting their arrows loose it forms a rainbow

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I’d like to see a Clan v Clan Conquest kind of season. During the conquest season, members of clans fight one another to take over province by province. Off season, a tax is collected from those provinces, and with that tax you can buy better equipment for your troops, or buy equipment that boosts your troops in a way that fits your play style. The Tax money is destributed between the amount of clan members equally of course.


New maps in the standard rotation. Not the “custom” map option for custom battles. Just new standard maps in rotation

Nikodil before you read this I’m not trying to be mean or anything this is just me trying to give suggestions.

  1. I personally fell that more ranged units should be added. Such as long boss and slingers.
  2. The units should be able to go in to different formations. Such as maybe a triangle formation as cavalry. Or Shelton for the pikemen.
  3. Artillery would make this game so much more interesting. More intense thrills. So make the artillery low accuracy rate but high damage and a option to make it fire flame balls with more damage but lower accuracy. And non flaming with higher accuracy.
  4. Naval warfare. Such as galleons and troop floaters. Also with a speacil one with fire throwers on the front.
  5. Maybe a currency’s where the units each cost something and you only have a certain amount of create more dynamic battles. The currency should be controlled by the host of the match.
  6. The army sizes should be different with a more deverse roster. So maybe a player like to have more quantity over quality.
  7. Also the lobby needs a huge update. Higher quality. The depth is so shallow.
  8. The in game animation is not good. It is more based off of being far away from the battle. I feel the animation needs to be updated with the grass needs to be a better color. And the rivers and oceans need waves to be added and a darker color because this is not the Caribbean. Also the death animation is just a flash then a body on the floor. Maybe some kill animations could be added. The biggest thing to me is the in game animation.

I would like feed back for the average players in what the think. Once again niko I’m not trying to offend you in any way I know you are trying your best.

King of cavalry

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@JoeX51 I’m much better at programming that map making, so I will not be doing any new maps, but instead focus on developing and improving the map making tools so that you can more easily create the map you want to play on.

@KingofCavalry All good suggestions, and I plan on implementing all of them eventually.